Americans Are Abandoning Israel in Droves

Americans Are Abandoning Israel in Droves
Israel is starving toddlers in Gaza. Americans Are Abandoning Israel in Droves.

A new Gallup poll show that Americans’ approval of Israel has dropped to 36% mostly due to Netanyahu’s terror against the Palestinian women and children whose war horrific pictures and videos have covered all social media platforms. Back in November, the same question about approval yielded 50%. In four months, Israel lost 14% of the U.S. population, which is indicative that Americans are abandoning Israel in droves.

But do not tell that to Netanyahu who still believes 80% of Americans support Israel, without shedding light on the question the survey asked to obtain such high numbers. That question was: Who do you support more, Israel or Hamas? It did not ask whether it supported more Israel, or the women and children Israel is killing.

Big difference.

This downward trend will continue, and we are willing to bet that in two months, that same number of 36% might even dip into the 20s.

Having said that, Zionists believe that after the war, they could just play the victim again, and all will be well.


Not that it matters that fewer Americans support Israel because the Zionists extract their powers from the top of the establishment pyramid. The Executive and the Legislative branches of the U.S. government. However, over time, if Israel’s approval ratings remain low, it will trickle down into voters selecting less Zionist-influenced legislators to represent their interests.

Meanwhile, Benjamin Netanyahu lives in La La Land. If he thinks his war on Gaza is not going to extract the steepest of prices on Israel, he needs his head examined.

Interestingly enough, 74% of adult Americans say that they are following Israel’s war on Gaza closely. This is truly a high number, which further magnifies the downward approval of Israel. Such interest with these numbers spell trouble for Israel.

Having said that, Zionists believe that after the war, they could just play the victim again, and all will be well. We are not certain of that. Images of starving and bombed children tend to burn into one’s memory for good.

Good luck to AIPAC trying to thread that needle.

Meanwhile, we would like to see a poll conducted within the confines of the Arab and Muslim American communities that ask the following question: Will you vote for Biden in 2024? No respectable polling company dares for fear of providing truth to power of the importance of these voters.

The last the Democrats and the Republicans want done is acknowledge the rising power of the Arab American voters in the U.S.

Just another way of keeping them in their places.

Americans Are Abandoning Israel in Droves

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