Happy St. Patrick Day to All of Ireland

Happy St. Patrick Day to All of Ireland
Happy St. Patrick Day to All of Ireland

In addition to Spain, no European country has supported the Palestinians during the Israeli genocide like Ireland. Not only their politicians are putting Irish-rooted Joe Biden to shame, but also their people, whose experiences with British occupation and terror resonated across their lands. With fearlessness and fortitude, the Irish people have set an example of what it means to be morally rich and meritoriously just. Every human being who has been watching Israeli Zionists commit Nazi-like atrocities should wish a Happy St. Patrick Day to all of Ireland.

It is unlikely that the Palestinian people, or any other colonized people, will ever forget the courage of the Irish people. May the much weakened remnants of a British Empire never set foot on their soil ever again, and may their beautiful children never see or meet a Zionist or interact with one all their lives.

Zionists are destroyers of lives and hopes. One day, the truth of what they have done to America and to the American people will come out. It will be the day when all Zionists will have to join their brothers and sisters in Israel. Their support of Israel is an insurance policy for the day of reckoning.

Who sparks antisemitism but the Zionists themselves?


During Pilate’s Roman rule, the Jewish High Priests conspired to crucify one of their own. This historic treachery has remained a sore in the eyes of every Christian except the American Evangelical idiots. Even today, Zionist Jews still spit on Christians in Jerusalem as if they are the victims and not the killers of Jesus Christ.

It all started in Jerusalem over some 2,000 years ago, and Catholic Ireland, which suffered from British colonization, is not about to side with Britain or Israel and the terrorist Zionists.

Watch Clare Daly, an Irish MP, so passionately scold Europe for their support of Israel. Mind you, this video is over 4 months old.

Here she is again, in a more recent video, calling Joe Biden “Butcher Biden”, which is quite an insult considering Biden has deep Irish roots.

Between Spain and Ireland, the Palestinians in Gaza have their courageous champions sounding the alarms all over Europe.

The Irish people support the Palestinians for religious and nationalistic reasons.

Even their President, Michael D Higgins, sparked an outrage in Israel when he spoke about Israel “creating a humanitarian crisis”, which the Israeli Ambassador to Ireland, Dana Ehrlich, called it “misinformation”.

Imagine that, the Zionists want us no to believe our eyes. The tens of thousands of women and children they killed in Gaza is “misinformation”. There will be a day when they will deny a genocide ever existed. Or that they killed any civilians at all.

Who sparks antisemitism but the Zionists themselves?

Thank you, Ireland, for your benevolence and moral high ground. You are on the right side of history, like you always have been.

Happy St. Patrick Day to All of Ireland

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