No Empathy for a Child Killer President

No Empathy for a Child Killer President
No Empathy for a Child Killer President

Some of us, not-Trumpers, felt elated watching Joe Biden cognitive issues catch up with him on live national TV. Of those, the ones who wear blinders cringed with despair, we are certain. And then some, the more progressives amongst the voters, jumped up and down in their living rooms by screaming, “We told you he was unfit to become President, but you did not listen to us.” It matters little which camp you belong to, the truth is that we should all feel no empathy for a child killer President.

Under the administration of this President, and with his absolute loyal commitment to the violence of Zionism, Israel killed up to 20,000 Palestinian children by every means possible. Israel killed them by dropping 2,000 lbs bombs on them while they slept, it killed them when Israeli terrorist snipers targeted them deliberately, and it killed them by starving them while the world watched.

All because of that old senile man, no one should feel any empathy for when he loses the elections in November. In fact, we can’t wait to see him hauled to an assisted-living facility on January 21, 2025. If he does not die between now and then.

To feel sorry for Joe Biden is synonymous with dropping the bombs on the children yourself.


Joe Biden deserves to suffer before he dies, the way he made the innocent civilians in Gaza suffer. As a fake Catholic, he does not worry about hell, but we hope hell exists for him and all those who committed atrocities in Gaza. To include Israelis occupying illegally lands that belong to the Palestinian people.

Maybe Biden’s mental decline before our eyes is the universe’s way of punishing that man for the genocide facilitator that he was. We hope so.

No matter what happens, please do not feel any empathy for Joe Bdien. He is a cold stone killer through and through. To feel sorry for him is synonymous with dropping the bombs on the children yourself. The man deserves to suffer in a prison for the crimes that he committed.

This blog speaks for many around the world who feel the same way about this violent old man who should not have become the most powerful also. Human empathy and immense powers should not be oxymoronic, but Joe Biden made them both distinct and observable. The more powerful he became, the less empathy he had for the Palestinian people whose lands the Jews of Europe stole.

So, no, we do not feel any empathy for Joe Biden because he is a child killer. We hope he either loses the election, or drops dead from old age. Hopefully, before November 5.

No Empathy for a Child Killer President

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