The Openly Racist Senator Ron Johnson

The Openly Racist Senator Ron Johnson

In an article by Caroline Kelly for CNN, the journalist writes that Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, a blue-blooded Republican, invoked racism to differentiate between Trump thugs who led the insurrection of January 6 and the Black Lives Matter who chose not to commit treason. He told the Joe Pags Show that he felt Trump troops were lovely creatures who loved him and their country and told his host that had the whites been blacks, he would have been concerned. The openly racist Senator Ron Johnson could not help but show the white man privilege on display peppered with the bigotry and racism that is dividing this country.

The people of Wisconsin must feel truly proud for electing a man who believes that storming our Capitol by White Supremacists was done by loving people and for the good of the country. So much love they killed a Capitol Police officer and injured dozens. Hallelujah to that you little piece of …

Put a gun in Ron Johnson’s hands and he would be delighted to lead a Confederate battle against the Union, or kill indigenous Indian women and children on the trail of tears. That barbarity comes so clean through the words of Ron Johnson.


This open racism by a sitting Senator cannot but bring chills down one’s spine. Not only for its divisiveness, but for its barbarity. In today’s world where the very few privileged continue to show contempt for the working people of this country the majority of whom are not white like Ron Johnson shows just the savagery of some of the white men. Put a gun in Ron Johnson’s hands and he would be delighted to lead a Confederate battle against the Union, or kill indigenous Indian women and children on the Trail of Tears. That barbarity comes so clean through the words and mentality of Ron Johnson.

Even though the likes of Ron Johnson are getting old and dying off — hopefully never too soon — Americans must feel concerned that sitting legislators are so openly racists. How can we move forward as a nation to heel our wounds and to work together as one as long as Ron Johnson plays the white God? It’s simply impossible.

If you read the profile of Ron Johnson, you would come away feeling sick. He is the embodiment of a miniature Donald Trump, a miniature QAnon conspiracy theorist, and a miniature champion of anti-democratic institutions. The man must have lived all his life within a 20-mile radius before becoming a Senator. Closed-mined to the point of implosion.

Man, do we have much distances to cross before we fix the mindset of these Neanderthals living among us. And we have no time to waste. Waiting for them to die off is not an option.

What’s an openly White Supremacist doing in the Senate


Ron Johnson is a White Supremacist. The kind that stormed the Capitol on January 6, which is why he keeps defending them some 10 weeks after the fact. In defining his character, Kelly writes:

Johnson has repeatedly made incendiary comments mischaracterizing the riots. Last month, Johnson said that he didn’t believe that what had happened at the Capitol was an “armed insurrection,” despite court records indicating that supporters of then-President Donald Trump had brought dozens of weapons to Washington on the day of the insurrection, according to the Justice Department. Later in February, Johnson advanced the conspiracy theory that there had been professional provocateurs within the mob at the Capitol. The FBI has said there is no evidence that Antifa or any other groups of leftist instigators were part of the January 6 crowd — much less were the ones inciting violence — and nearly a dozen Trump supporters charged in connection with the insurrection have said that such groups weren’t involved in the attack. Many of the people arrested identify with far-right groups like the Oath Keepers, not with any groups on the far left.CNN - Caroline Kelly 03/12/2021

What’s an openly White Supremacist doing in the Senate? To defend those who stormed the Capitol is treason in and by itself. Should the Justice Department not investigate Ron Johnson’s behavior? Especially before the insurrection?

How else can we find out who were complicit in the insurrection if we don’t light a fire under their privileged asses?

The Openly Racist Senator Ron Johnson

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