The Zionist Intolerable Ingratitude

The Zionist Intolerable Ingratitude
Starving child in Gaza because of Israeli blockade of food and aid. The Zionist Intolerable Ingratitude.

After everything Joe Biden has done for Israel, and after building an unstoppable conveyor belt of arms to bomb Gaza, Benjamin Netanyahu criticized Biden because the United States did not veto UNSC Resolution 2728 claiming it harmed his war efforts. Netanyahu has laid bare the Zionist intolerable ingratitude against its most important ally when, in spite of all the Assistance, could not but criticize the President who helped Israel the most since its inception.

Biden helped so much Israel that he is bound to lose the elections because of it. The Zionists in Israel could not care less about people helping them, all they want is to take every time and never give an inch back.

If the Zionists are not playing victims, they are killing their victims. If they are not lying to hide their crimes, they are starving women and children. And when someone complains about their barbarism and try to stop it, they criticize and condemn.

This is Zionism in a brief. A sickening disease whose eradication the world realizes is a must for world peace.

Stop sending weapons to Israel. Stop supporting the poisonous policies of Zionism. And stop AIPAC before it starts a nuclear war.


As Israel drags itself down on the stage of public opinion to be the most hated country in the world, it is also dragging America along with it. Thanks, in part, to Joe Biden and his wrongful Gaza policy many warned him about its impact for American interests.

There is no doubt that some very smart people in Washington, free from the influence of Zionism, are assessing that damage and are coming to the same conclusion. Israel has become a grave liability, affecting U.S. interests negatively around the planet.

When Malaysia’s foreign minister demands a limit to US veto when it comes to humanitarian votes on the United Nations Security Council, he is speaking for the rest of the world. Prior to Gaza, this kind of public confrontation rarely happened.

When Columbian President Gustavo Petro invites the world to break relations with Israel if it does not respect the ceasefire the U.N. voted for, he is also implying to break away from U.S. influence. America can no longer afford to maintain the Zionists in Israel as their intolerable ingratitude hits home of how infantile it is to be standing by a country that does not appreciate the United States, nor respect its diplomacy.

Today, Israel is a rogue nation of extremists, just like the Taliban and ISIS. We can no longer trust that this nation will see the light, as the very few has hijacked it.

Stop sending weapons to Israel. Stop supporting the poisonous policies of Zionism. And stop AIPAC before it starts a nuclear war.

The Zionist Intolerable Ingratitude

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