Time AIPAC Registers As a Foreign Agent

Time AIPAC Registers As a Foreign Agent
Time AIPAC Registers As a Foreign Agent

In light of their influence over the Gaza’s genocide, and Congress in general, it’s high time AIPAC registers as a foreign agent like every other foreign institution that tries to influence our politics must. Nothing this organization does benefit the United States. It exists only to benefit Israel, and we have seen how Gaza demonstrated amply that the two countries’ interests could diverge considerably and often.

AIPAC is in the business of helping Israel, not the United States. It could not care less about the interests of the U.S. within the factors influencing its mission statement. By the way, has anyone seen AIPAC’s mission statement? It says that “AIPAC is a national organization with more than 3 million grassroots members who want to strengthen and expand the U.S.-Israel relationship.

How does Gaza strengthen the US relationship with the world? Can someone, please, explain that oddity? The world is not just the U.S. and Israel.

Either way, the power of AIPAC has become a matter of national security.


Of late, AIPAC has been using Republican money to defeat progressive Democrats in the primaries, which weakens the whole Democratic Party. Yet, no one in Congress seems a bit concerned about Israel, through AIPAC, interfering internally in the way we vote or conduct our politics. What are we? The United States of Israel?

Time AIPAC registers as a foreign agent in the service of a foreign entity and against the interests of this country. How is it possible that we let AIPAC buy our Congress and our politicians with breadcrumbs is beyond comprehensible. Thanks to the like of Chris Van Hollen, the Senator from Maryland, not all of them are loyal to Israel first, the United States second.

Our cowardly legislators looking for cash from AIPAC are as quiet as a hunter on the prowl. Not a hiss, and not a sound. Money over country is the aim of every legislator who collects his paycheck from AIPAC, especially now as Israel is showing us that its interests diverge from U.S. interests.

We should not expect Congress to act. No one is going to kill the goose that lays golden eggs. Even if that goose is detrimental to the prosperity and well-being of our country. Only protests, day-in and day-out, by concerned citizens would put enough pressure to clip AIPAC’s wings of betrayal. In addition to voting for the Progressives in Congress, who might honor their country first, instead of Israel.

Either way, the power of AIPAC has become a matter of national security. Presidents, during an election year, are too blind to see the truth. But the voters are not.

Time AIPAC Registers As a Foreign Agent

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