Trump Will Decide Future Election Results

Trump Will Decide Future Election Results

Call it anything you like, but considering all the facts with regard to the 2020 elections, still 62% of Republicans believe the results were rigged. Down only 3% from January 2021. Under this case scenario, it is not strange to assume that Trump will decide future election results as well. All on his own regardless of any outcome, and regardless of what voters decide.

Imagine for a moment if Trump chooses to say that the 2022 results are invalid as well if the GOP loses key states. Under this scenario, two-thirds of Republicans are going to believe him. He could muddy the waters not only at the national level, but also at the local and state level if he wants to fully destroy our democracy. The man is a walking lit stick of dynamite and nobody could be happier to see his danger unfold against our democracy than Vladimir Putin.

Sorry President Biden, but your January 6, 2022 speech is not going to save our country from Donald Trump. Only his longevity, or lack of, will save us from this evil man.

I am not, like so many in the mainstream media, dancing with joy and elation over Biden’s speech.


My trust in Joe Biden actually saving our country from Donald Trump diminishes every day. His January 6 speech rang so hollow and so flat that I dare not see the smirk on Trump’s face knowing he is getting away with murder.

I am not, like so many in the mainstream media, dancing with joy and elation over Biden’s speech. Oozing with unwarranted praise. It’s just words. Where is the action Mr. President?

Why did you not say: “The DOJ is working on indicting Donald Trump and I will not rest until I see Donald Trump land in jail for his coup attempt”?

Too afraid it is not too bipartisan? Show us some spine, please.

Zach Beachchamp (

But it’s far from clear that the “bully pulpit” is powerful at all. Historically, there’s been little evidence that presidential speeches have advanced legislation or changed the opposing party’s or the public’s mind on major issues. More recently, we have had no shortage of speeches from Biden, Barack Obama, and other Democrats extolling democracy — yet Republicans, Senate moderates, and large swaths of the public remain unmoved. VOX by Zach Beauchamp - January 6, 2022

If the intent is to temporarily end the pain many Americans feel for watching live Donald Trump break down our democracy with no one lifting a finger to stop him, then our President succeeded with his empty speech.

We need a son of a bitch in the White House today, not a jolly grandfather.


Biden’s band-aid speech will linger for few days in the minds of Americans until most of them realize, just as Zach realized immediately, it’s just a speech. There is nothing actionable about throwing words around without an alpha male President behind them heaving his immense powers, with a penchant to absolutely succeed, to implement his agenda.

That’s not Joe Biden. He still thinks he lives in the 80’s when bipartisanship worked.

This is our problem with Joe Biden. He is too bipartisan during these difficult times in our history when we need a heavy-lifter to resolutely disengage Trump from his choke hold on our democracy. Biden’s DNA is not equipped to handle this difficult task. We need a son of a bitch in the White House today, not a jolly grandfather.

Do you think if Senator Bernie Sanders became our President in 2021 he would have taken his gloves off to accommodate the enemies of our country parading as patriots? Do you think Sanders would not have put Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema in their little places to pass his agenda? We have Michael Bloomberg to thank for that. He entered the presidential race late in 2020 to stop Sanders for fear Sanders may raise his taxes.

Bloomberg is just another short-sighted billionaire who misunderstood Trump’s danger. These people should keep to what they know best mainly in the business arena.

Trump will decide any future election results. If he says it has been rigged then tens of millions of Americans will say so. Which, in my opinion, is the first sign our nation is declining because it is unable to control its domestic terrorists. Starting with Trump.

Trump Will Decide Future Election Results

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