We Might As Well Kiss the Ukraine Goodbye

We Might As Well Kiss the Ukraine Goodbye

A story the BBC website published lauds a U.S. Diplomat whose failures are simply grotesque. Her work is a source of concern to many in the diplomatic communities of the Middle East and activists around the world. Wendy Sherman, who negotiated with North Korea, under the Clinton Administration, to halt its nuclear program and then later, under the Obama Administration, she headed the team to negotiate the Iran nuclear deal, is now set to negotiate with Russia on the Ukraine. Let’s count the wins. North Korea has gone nuclear and Iran has used its nuclear deal to spread terror in the Arab world invading four Arab capitals, which caused both the Syrian and the Yemen civil wars. How is that for a resume? Wendy Sherman is a nightmare of a diplomat spreading death and destruction in everything she touches. We might as well kiss the Ukraine goodbye.

The title of the BBC article, wait for this, is “Can the ‘Silver Fox’ outwit Vladimir Putin?”. I am not kidding you. The woman who could not stop Iranian terror is now responsible for stopping Russian terror. This is insanity. The Ukrainians should demand her removal from the U.S. negotiating team.

Unless President Biden is willing to let the Ukraine fall into the Russian orbit, he would select another negotiator. But, as of now, it seems he is not interested in saving Ukraine from the jaws of Putin. Just like Barack Obama was not interested in saving the Crimea back in 2014.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky must object to her leading the negotiations, or else he will lose his country.


During the Iran nuclear deal, the Iranians gave her the nickname “Silver Fox”, which BBC felt proud to highlight. What the BBC and Wendy Sherman do not realize is that the Iranians are quick to compliment the incompetent as a ruse to maximize their demands. It’s an old Farsi ploy. It keeps their enemies anesthetized and believing they are simply great negotiators when the opposite is true.

For heaven’s sake, if Wendy Sherman did not know this little detail about these Middle East carpetbaggers out cunning her by putting her to sleep, what do you think the Kremlin will do to her? Seriously, we might as well kiss the Ukraine goodbye. Wendy Sherman will give away the country to Putin on a silver platter.

Wendy Sherman did not graduate from the great Georgetown School of Foreign Service to earn her role in shaping the U.S. foreign policy. She was a community organizer, just like Barack Obama. Before that, she was a foster care case worker.

What is wrong with the Democrats trusting their most sensitive negotiations to a social case worker with a long list of failures? Given her history, she is the one to appear when the U.S. wants to give away a country, or start a war.

The Kremlin leader must be laughing all the way to the bank knowing the Ukraine is his with help from Wendy Sherman. I believe Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky should object to her leading the negotiations, or else he will lose his country.

Her history of failures speaks volume about her incompetence.

We Might As Well Kiss the Ukraine Goodbye

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