140 Racist Representatives in Congress

140 Racist Representatives in Congress

In the coming days, some 140 racist Representatives in Congress will question the results of the 2020 elections by attempting to deny President-elect Joe Biden the Electoral College certification. All 140 of them are Republicans, and all seek to deny mostly black voters the right to vote by excluding their ballots from the 2020 elections.

If that’s not racism, please explain what is to this simple writer.

Now many of these Representatives’ choices are driven by fear from the Twitter anger of President Donald Trump. There is no doubt about it. But consider their efforts for a second. They would prefer to overturn a legitimate election rather than stand-up to a bully. They would prefer to disenfranchise black voters rather than stand-up for their democracy.

No wonder Congress approval hovers in the low twenties. In fact, the latest Gallup Poll shows it at 18%. That’s another way of saying broken, out of touch, and corrupt.

Is this the Palmito Ranch moment in GOP politics?


To call these 140 Representatives cowards is an effrontery to cowardice. Instead of seeing the greater good in the foundation of their democracy, they would rather see it fumble and fall just to stay in power. Or, in this instance as well, just to show their real colors for the racist bigots that they are.

Our country is in the middle of a fight the privileged and the elites are conducting against each other. One group’s desire to retain power is stronger than the love for their country, and the other, whose policies of inclusion seems to chart a future vision of American politics, is having none of it. Is it safe to say that these below listed racists Representatives are the last of their breed? Considering what at stakes, no wonder we are watching such ugly theater unfold before our eyes.

Is this the Palmito Ranch moment in GOP politics? Their failed efforts to suppress the black votes combined with their continued efforts to overturn a legitimate election is shining a new light on the path of non-ending slavery. Luckily, their control methods, like ignoring police brutality, is coming to an end in a new era of more active Millennials.


Rep. Brian Babin (Texas)

Rep. Andy Biggs (Ariz.)

Rep.-elect Lauren Boebert (Colo.)

Rep. Mo Brooks (Ala.)

Rep. Ted Budd (N.C.)

Rep.-elect Jerry Carl (Ala.)

Rep.-elect Madison Cawthorn (N.C.)

Rep.-elect Andrew Clyde (Ga.)

Rep.-elect Byron Donalds (Fla.)

Rep. Jeff Duncan (S.C.)

Rep. Matt Gaetz (Fla.)

Rep. Louie Gohmert (Texas)

Rep.-elect Bob Good (Va.)

Rep. Lance Gooden (Texas)

Rep. Paul Gosar (Ariz.)

Rep. Mark Green (Tenn.)

Rep.-elect Diana Harshbarger (Tenn.)

Rep.-elect Yvette Herrell (N.M.)

Rep. Jody Hice (Ga.)

Rep. Clay Higgins (La.)

Rep.-elect Ronny Jackson (Texas)

Rep. John Joyce (Pa.)

Rep. Fred Keller (Pa.)

Rep. Mike Kelly (Pa.)

Rep. Dan Meuser (Pa.)

Rep.-elect Barry Moore (Ala.)

Rep. Ralph Norman (S.C.)

Rep.-elect Burgess Owens (Utah)

Rep. Scott Perry (Pa.)

Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (Pa.)

Rep. Lloyd Smucker (Pa.)

Rep.-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.)

Rep. GT Thompson (Pa.)

Rep. Jefferson Van Drew (N.J.)

140 Racist Representatives in Congress

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