All that Media Splash Has Morbid Consequences

All that Media Splash Has Morbid Consequences

OK, so four civilian tourists, playing astronauts, spent three days in space. What is so special about this space excursion? What scientific data did we acquire to advance the cause of humanity? Absolutely none. The intent of this publicity stunt, which is plastered on every front page around the world, thanks to the reach of Elon Musk, is to garner support for conquering Mars for Musk to add to his billions while the U.S. Government spends our tax dollars helping his SpaceX program pave the way for the very few to inhabit Mars one day. All that media splash has morbid consequences when 45 million Americans are still burdened by student loans when college is 100% free in most advanced nations. Do we want to go inhabit Mars, or do we want to take care of our own people here on earth?

So, how much do you think inhabiting Mars will cost us in the future? And who will benefit from that venture? Has any journalist bothered to ask the most basic of questions before they hail Musk and his SpaceX program?

NASA has committed to pay the SpaceX program over $3 billions to just launch rockets. So how much do you think a Mars landing, to include long-term human habitats, would cost the U.S. Government? $500 Billions, $1 Trillion, or maybe $5 Trillions? All of it at the expense of our own education, healthcare, and a better quality of life.

While the rich play with our tax money, the American people get angrier and angrier.


While the rich play with our tax money, the American people get angrier and angrier. You would think someone, other than the usual consciousness people we elected, like Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, would hit the pause button on these futuristic programs, which will only add to the misery already the middle class in America is suffering from when the U.S. Government cuts more funds from absolutely necessary program to serve SpaceX.

Hélas, no. Why no politician acts to stop this nonsense? Because the rich in this country own all the politicians. If they decide to spend our money on futile and impractical programs, the politicians would make sure they spend it.

I say, quality of life on earth before life on Mars.


For Musk and Bezos to sustain interests in funding their programs, they must get the public behind their plans. This means lots of media splash for much to do about nothing. The headline, this time around reads: Four civilian tourists fly into space. What do you think the next media splash headline would read?

One-Eyed Civilian Astronaut is First in Space?

Or maybe:

First Space Marriage Ceremony?

Whatever it will be, the intent is to keep the public backing the programs so that, in the middle of the night, two of the richest men in the world raid the government coffers at our expense. And for what? To claim to be the first businessman to inhabit Mars. It’s an ego trip.

Looking at the media splash of this useless launch into space, I am reminded of a quote from The Prophet by Gibran Khalil Gibran:

Pity the nation divided into fragments,
each fragment deeming itself a nation.

Only when we have free healthcare and free higher education would people like myself sign-on to Musk’s vision. But not before.

I say, quality of life on earth before life on Mars.

All that Media Splash Has Morbid Consequences

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