American Mickey Mouse Power by Joe Biden

American Mickey Mouse Superpower

American military might is fast becoming a joke in the face of Biden’s apathy to defend against a relentless assault on a European democracy. Calling ourselves a superpower when we flaunt inaction against a thug trying to change the world order is a bit too rich for my taste. We have become the laughing stock of humanity as we let men of extreme violence bend our ideological vanguards to the breaking point, and all because of a commander-in-chief who cannot command. During these stressful times, which require stoic leadership, Joe Biden has turned into the opposite of a Winston Churchill and has turned American superpower into an American Mickey Mouse power.

In the meantime, and most of the times, the mainstream media is going out of its way not to hold our President accountable for his inaction. It skirts and dances around the subject of appeasement and its past negative impact on our foreign policy to the detriment of our interests; but it will not confront the issue heads-on. I have yet to read one article citing the fact that our forces attacked Russian mercenaries in Syria in 2018 and it did not lead to World War III. The very excuse our President has been hiding behind to justify his blatant weakness.

I have yet to see one direct report about the inexcusable mistakes of President Barack Obama, which have led us to this point in time watching the atrocities Putin is committing against Ukrainian women and children. This says much about the balancing act of the new American Mickey Mouse power, which swings between laying low and inaction.

I wish our President would read his [Churchill] memoirs, which might help him learn how to lead.


I wonder how many calls Ron Klain is making a day trying to explain Biden’s motivations. Those that are freezing him from acting courageously. I wonder what he tells the Democratic leadership to keep them towing Biden’s line. Be assured, there is as much time this White House is spending on muzzling Biden’s weakness as it is spending on actually saving Ukraine.

In a way, Vladimir Putin is dictating our own foreign policy. That’s how it looks like when our President fears escalation. This is who we have become when our President cannot muster the courage to hold Vladimir Putin accountable for his crimes.

Winston Churchill once said:

Better to dare mighty things and fail than to live in a grey twilight where there is neither victory nor defeat.Winston Churchill

I wish our President would read his memoirs, which might help him learn how to lead.

Who are these people running the White House? Who did we vote for?


In another article by Kaitlan Collins and Manu Raju, they write, with regard to the expected White House decision to revoke Russia’s “most favored nation” status, that the House bill banning Russian oil removed such language because of White House worries.

CNN reported earlier Thursday that bipartisan talks in the Senate had been taking shape to take more aggressive action on Russia’s trade status — after the White House effectively watered down the House-passed bill banning importing Russian oil, natural gas and coal into the US. The earlier version of the legislation had included a provision that would suspend permanent normal trade relations for Russia and Belarus. But the White House expressed concerns over that part of the bill, and ultimately it was excised. The bill banning Russian energy imports that passed the House Wednesday night instead simply called for a review of Russia’s status in the World Trade Organization.CNN by Kaitlan Collins and Manu Raju - March 11, 2022

As President backpedals yet on another decision he could not make, one wonders who are these people running the White House today? At one point, Biden wanted lawyers marking intelligence to Ukraine just in case it offended Putin. What changed his mind? Pressure from his own party and media outrage.

It just seems Joe Biden is so afraid of Vladimir Putin that he is letting him take over Ukraine while he procrastinates the least number of actions to punish him.

Who are these people running the White House? Who did we vote for?

American Mickey Mouse Power by Joe Biden

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