Anti-Vaccine Famous People Are Dying From COVID

Anti-Vaccine Famous People Are Dying From COVID
Phil Valentine Died From COVID

In the last year or so, I read many news items about anti-vaccine famous people who died from a COVID infection. Herman Cain, once a GOP presidential candidate, comes to mind. So does the Bible clincher and teacher Jimmy DeYoung Sr. whose spread of misinformation about COVID landed him probably in his own hell. This man alone is most likely responsible for the deaths of so many of his Bible followers. The latest victim is Tennessee talk show host Phil Valentine. He succumbed to COVID yesterday. Valentine questioned the vaccine, but his family, reading from what Andy Rose of CNN wrote, wished he had been vaccinated.

I am still waiting for one of those GOP moronic legislators actively engaged in Trumpism and in spreading misinformation to show remorse for spreading lies about COVID. From their death bed.

Darwinism and COVID are the perfect partners in the American culture wars that are on-going.


It is hard to feel empathy for someone who ignored sciences to advance their careers if they died from the disease. What are we supposed to do when the rest of the Trump flock continues challenging common sense? Our empathy encourages the ignorant at the expense of our own health. So, no. I really don’t feel any empathy for those who questioned COVID, or those who question the vaccine. They are a threat to society when they put us all in danger. Just as drunk drivers do behind the wheels of their cars.

The hypocrisy surrounding the spread of misinformation about COVID has gotten the best of us. The unvaccinated keep screaming about freedom until the moment a ventilator is shoved down their throat. Then you wonder what were they thinking and what are they thinking now? Are they still free? Or will they become free when they die? Are they regretting their decisions, or do they think back to the former one removing his mask after he contracted COVID and believe they will do the same soon? Or maybe they think, because of their race, that they are invincible. After all, white privilege gives you this impression.

As hard as I tried to feel empathy for those folks, I cannot muster it for more than 3 seconds before my brain re-adjusts to the reality of the harm these people are causing because of their ignorance.

In fact, Darwinism and COVID are the perfect partners in the American culture wars that are on-going. The more ignorant you are, the more likely you will leave this planet early.

Hopefully, before any offsprings to perpetuate your legacy of obtuseness and absurdity.

Anti-Vaccine Famous People Are Dying From COVID

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