Any Democratic Government First Duty is to Protect Its Citizens. Except in America

Any Democratic Government First Duty is to Protect Its Citizens. Except in America

What is the role of government in any society? A question many bright minds have tackled with different outcomes. In my mind, any democratic government first duty is to economically and physically protect its citizens representing its main asset. Absent that protection, chaos prevails as it is prevailing today across this nation. The U.S Government today cannot even protect its citizens from gun violence. That’s the honest truth no matter how much we all love this country.

Whether making mass killing guns illegal to own, out of control police brutality, or government policies that have stripped the middle class of its financial security and privileges, the U.S. Government has been lacking in all these areas for so many years. We see the results today in unmitigated gun violence and in a police force deliberately killing instead of protecting its citizens. Both can be curbed with the easy passage of laws, yet our politicians dither and kick the can as if our citizens are not worth the life our government is unwilling to protect.

America is a country of corporations, not people. Something I have written about previously and on many occasions. The first order of the day for the U.S. Government is to protect the wealthy, then comes everyone else. Gun manufacturers are wealthy corporations. This makes them the U.S. Government’s first priority to protect even if their guns kill their citizens. In fact, the whole GOP exists to protect gun manufacturers.

The U.S. Government turned the police on its citizens because its first duty is not their protection.


The European continent is almost equal in size, population, and wealth to our beloved America. Yet, the Europeans have managed to balance protection of their citizens as equally as they have protected the wealth of their corporations and their economic output. In Europe, people are not afraid of rogue violent men to gun them down while shopping, nor do they have a police force that draws guns on unarmed civilians. In London, 90% of police officers don’t even carry weapons.

Here is a snippet from an article about the history of firearms in the British police:

With the increase in terrorist acts throughout the world and in the UK, the question of arming the police has been brought more into focus. In 2019, despite the fact that more than 90% of British police remain unarmed, there are now more armed policemen in the UK than there have ever been. However it is unlikely that the British police will ever be fully armed.History UK - Daniel Smith

Have you ever read about brutal U.K. policemen killing innocent civilians almost daily? Why? Because the police duty is to really protect and serve. Unlike in the United States where the police duty makes killing innocent people permissible. The U.S. Government is turning a blind eye to police violent excesses because its first duty is not their protection. Our leaders are forgetting the true role of any democratic government, which is to protect its citizens, not just the corporations.

Maybe, we are not mature enough to understand that wealth accumulated with bad hands will turn into bad wealth eventually.


Our legislators cannot possibly see the damage they are causing while our society is breaking at the seams. U.S. politicians today, like Senators Mitch McConnell and Joe Manchin, are managing well our decline. They still have no clue about the undercurrent sweeping this nation because as long as the stock market and the economy are doing well, all is well. They are totally blind to the suffering half the country is experiencing. Manchin’s West Virginia languishes at the bottom of all fifty states in several categories.

You would think the treasonous triumphal of Donald Trump and the insurrection would open their eyes. Far from it. They remain the loyal foot soldiers of big corporate America driven by greed and a U.S. Government disinterested in protecting its citizenry from any economic or societal harm. As long as their portfolios ring like cash registers, all is well in America.

The past policies of Ronald Reagan are coming home to roost. It was the beginning of the U.S. Government totally abandoning the financial well-being of its middle class in favor of new laws to make the rich richer at the expense of everyone else. These policies today morphed into what we see before our eyes, which has become the first duty of the U.S. Government: The protection of the wealthy corporations, not its people.

Why can’t we balance between benefiting both the corporate entities and the people the way Europe has? It seems President Biden is heading that way. But will he be successful with dishonest and clueless politicians like McConnell and Manchin lurking around?

Maybe, we need another two thousand years of immense political and social pain before we come to that conclusion. Maybe, we are not mature enough to understand that wealth accumulated with a bad hand will turn into bad wealth eventually.

I think we need to amend the Constitution for some equal protection language between entities and people, which safeguards equally, not less, its citizens as it protects the corporate entities and the wealthy.

Any Democratic Government First Duty is to Protect Its Citizens. Except in America

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