Between Gaza And His Old Age, Biden Is Toast

Between Gaza And His Old Age, Biden Is Toast
Between Gaza And His Old Age, Biden Is Toast

The Arab-American community, so powerful today because it holds all the aces in the swing State of Michigan, is not backing down in the face of Biden’s onslaught on Gaza. The community postponed a meeting with VP Kamala Harris because of Biden’s blind support for Israeli terror. Between Gaza and his old age, Biden is toast with millions of Americans who are realizing he is unfit for the White House, again.

His old age is a function that is outside Biden’s control, but we cannot say the same about his policy towards Gaza. The fact that he keeps trying to connect again with the Arab-American community he needs desperately to win in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia says a lot about the incompetency of his decision-making process.

Had Biden consulted his people, gauged his voters like smart politicians do, and instituted conditional support for Israel to defend itself without first bulldozing Gaza’s civilian population, he might be in a different place today. Biden is his own worst enemy.


We are not experts on presidential campaigns. However, given the anger we are witnessing against Biden’s genocide in Gaza, not only among Middle Eastern groups, but also among Gen Z voters, it is an understatement to say that Joe Biden has no chance in hell winning the next election in November. He is another unpopular Jimmy Carter with one exception. He created the problems that are sinking him.

and of CNN write:

President Joe Biden and Vice President Harris have been dogged by protesters calling for a ceasefire in Gaza at events nationwide, underscoring a persistent reality as the president shifts into general election mode: Democrats are deeply divided on Biden’s support for Israel as it wages war with Hamas, and the issue threatens to split the coalition.CNN by Priscilla Alvarez and Khalil Abdallah - February 10, 2024

Had Biden been a conservative President, he would have escaped unscathed. The problem lies in the fact that his domestic liberalism was just a facade for a closet conservative on foreign policy that did not align with a large group of his base voters. Call us amateurish, but this does not look to us like Joe Biden knows what he is doing. The professionalism and the incompetency stare you in the face.


To state that Biden is aging disgracefully is as truthful a statement as they come because his dementia is betraying his common sense and fogging his judgment. It is only a question of time before he shows how mentally incapacitated he is on the arduous campaign trail, where he has to make more appearances a day than the number of naps he needs to take.

Mark our words, it is going to be a brutal campaign. Even for a vigorous man, let alone an 81-year-old one. There are no energy drinks, B-12 injections, or special cocktails that are going to sustain him for months in a row crisscrossing the country without the possibility of showing he is too old for the job. Sooner or later, that elephant in the room is going to crush Joe Biden. Guaranteed, and then some.

Between Gaza and his old age, Joe Biden might as well withdraw from the race today to save himself the embarrassment his going to experience in front of billions of people watching him make a fool of himself.

Between Gaza And His Old Age, Biden Is Toast

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