Biden Loses to Trump in the 2024 Elections

Biden Loses to Trump in the 2024 Elections

Here is a headline neither President Biden, nor Attorney-General Merrick Garland seem to contemplate: Biden Loses to Trump in the 2024 Elections.

A CNN article by Chris Cillizza predicted, based on Trump’s inner circle, that the previous one is almost 99 to 100% running in 2024. This could be a ruse by Trump to stop the likes of DeSantis from taking the liberty to make their own decisions without kissing his ring first, or it could be the honest truth.

Can we afford Donald Trump to come back as President again? Let me throw down the gauntlet to challenge any myth.

Is Merrick Garland willing to become the historical figure to have neglected to prosecute a seditionist former President, which drove Trump back to power only to dismantle this Republic? Trump would certainly unravel our democracy successfully the second time around. Does Garland have the Chutzpah or the temperament to save this young nation from Donald Trump? So far, there are no signs our Attorney-General understands the danger of a Trumpian comeback.

Or maybe Garland is working secretly to indict and prosecute Trump once Congress gives him the tools through which the Committee investigating the Insurrection would provide. Let’s hope for the latter. Let’s hope we don’t have sleepy leaders at the helm.

He [Trump] would unleash a white anger to submit the naysayers to the same terror that annihilated the Native Indians and made lynching of the black people a national pass time.


If Donald Trump returns to power as the President of the United States, all Americans should expect to kiss their democracy goodbye. Trump would militarize the Oath Keepers, the Proud Boys, and the QAnon crazies. They all become his Red Shirts the way Hitler militarized his hardcore base to turn them into the Brownshirts or Storm Troopers (SA) in the early twenties of the Weimar.

Does this paragraph describing the SA sound familiar?

The SA was instrumental in the Nazi’s rise to power yet played a diminished role during the Second World War. The Brownshirts are infamous for their operation outside of the law and their violent intimidation of Germany’s leftists and Jewish population.HistoryHit.TV by Graham Land

Upon his return, Trump would unleash a white anger to submit the naysayers to the same terror that annihilated the Native Indians and made lynching of the black people a national pass time using his campaign-style rallies to hypnotize the masses into submission. As he has already done.

Maybe I should provide a visual example of what I am talking about. Watch this short video below extracted from the documentary movie “3rd Reich Evil Deceptions“.

Just grasp how easy it would be for Donald Trump to massively change this country forever. He has already started that process.

You don’t think Steve Bannon prepared Donald Trump to follow the same techniques? The clearing of the LaFayette Park for Trump to walk to the church. The MAGA emblem to unite the masses just as “Heil Hitler” did. The repetitive lies to hypnotize and affirm.

You think I am kidding? Ask all the Jews who survived the Holocaust how many doubted Hitler’s killing machine until the last moment.

Should we not learn from history and prepare for the worst?


Hitler invented demented and psychotic reasons to kill the Jews, but now Trump has his reasons to hate them, which might lead to uncontrollable circumstances to include persecution if the opportunity presents itself.

Do I have your undivided attention Mr. Merrick Garland?

Remember that in America, we have had our share of ethnic cleansing, illegal concentration camps, and outright public persecutions to punish those we feared. Remember the Muslims after 9/11, the Japanese during WWII, or the Native Indians during Andrew Johnson times.

All it takes to demonize American Jews is one false incendiary event to turn rational people into waves of angry mobs of Kristallnacht crazies. They are already among us and fully support Donald Trump to death.

Furthermore, if anyone reading this Blog thinks Trump is incapable of committing atrocities against humanity if given the chance, then you are in for the surprise of your life. Not believing in the impossible desensitizes our survival instincts. We become an easy meal for the most violent predators as the German people became for Hitler and his cohorts.

Should we not learn from history and prepare for the worst? Should we not prosecute Trump for January 6 to stop him from running for office again?

We certainly cannot afford four more years of Donald Trump.

Biden Loses to Trump in the 2024 Elections

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