Break Facebook Apart Before it Breaks America

Break Facebook Apart Before it Breaks America

The majority of Americans do not pay attention to serious news. They would rather watch Netflix, or follow some clown on YouTube. But for those who pay attention, many are realizing, after the Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen delivered her testimony in the Senate, just how dangerous Facebook has become to our democracy. On its scale were two issues: Upholding democracy at the expense of less revenues, or maximizing profits at the expense of our democracy. Their evil CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, chose the latter. As if his $60 plus billions in net worth hardly pays his rent. I say, break Facebook apart before it breaks America. There are zero guarantees Facebook will realign its algorithm to become a more responsible company. Truly, it’s lawless capitalism at its worst.

Have you noticed how Facebook disappeared from the news altogether lately? We are back to business as usual. No one is holding the company accountable for its holistic approach to profits regardless of its impact on our young republic. In the era of Donald Trump, this is inexcusable.

Fools are those who believe that Zuckerberg greed will somehow bend to the will of a U.S> Government body he can buy with his money.


Chances are that Facebook’s lobbyists descended on Congress like an Olympic downhill skier descends Franz Klammer slope. For no other reason but to control the damage their activities have caused, and for Facebook’s concern over what Congress might do to rein in a runaway train destroying the fabric of this country.

It is my guess that said lobbyists promised some, or many, members of Congress the amount of donations necessary to keep them sidelined and willingly not welcoming any discussions about Facebook and its danger. The bribes, in our democracy, usually work like magic. Nothing like money for some of our Representatives to forget their duties to our country and its Constitution.

For those who believe Mark Zuckerberg has learned his lesson is like saying asking someone nicely is more powerful than greed. To appease Congress, maybe Zuckerberg made some behind-the-scenes promises. A kind of a message to Congress that he intends to fix the problem.

Fools are those who believe that Zuckerberg greed will somehow bend to the will of a U.S> Government body he can buy with his money. Fools are those who believe that billions at stake in profits are up for negotiations to appease his distractors. Zuckerberg’s mission is to book profits and more profits the year after. If, along the way, he breaks some spirits, so be it. We are dispensable fodder to big corporate greed.

Thank Facebook when we have parents attacking teachers over mask mandates.


In 2019, Facebook’s own employees took it upon themselves to ask the pertinent question about Facebook direction. In its internal discussion forum, someone made a statement titled “We are responsible for viral content”, the Facebook employees suggested idea to fix the company.

One wrote “Rather than optimizing for engagement and then trying to remove bad experiences, we should optimize more precisely for good experiences.” In response to this adage, Wired magazine’s Gilad Edelman wrote:

They reveal Facebook’s own employees agonizing over the fact that, in their view, its central algorithms reward outrage, hatred, and viral clickbait, while its content moderation systems are deeply inadequate.Wired Magazine by Gilad Edelman - October 25, 2021

That discussion happened in 2019. What did the upper management of Facebook do? Nothing. Nada. Zilch to stop the intentional radicalization of the American people.

Thank Facebook when we have parents attacking teachers over mask mandates. Thank Facebook when white nationalists turn their anger unto others. and, of course, thank facebook for all the QAnon crazie out there and the conspiracies that peg one American against another with all the possible violent clashes that may ensue.

Honestly, break Facebook before it breaks America.

Break Facebook Apart Before it Breaks America

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