Corporate America Beware of DeSantis

Corporate America Beware of DeSantis
Do we want another racist in the White House again?

We have a Mussolini fascist, in Ron DeSantis, governing the State of Florida who believes that if a company promotes politically-correct policies to help its profits, he has the right to pass new dystopian laws to punish them. Corporate America beware of DeSantis who is on a crusade to muzzle free speech and block companies from enabling sensible policies to help gain the trust of their consumers. The man is catering to the lowest common denominator racists in America to get a jump on Donald Trump not realizing that his actions against Disney might come back to bite him one day.

Corporate America better watch their corporate donations come 2024 and how much they give the Republicans who are following in the footsteps of Ron DeSantis. Yes, there is a new sheriff in town and his name is Mussolini DeSantis.

If DeSantis believes a corporate entity cannot take a stand on social issues, no one would have that right if he becomes more powerful.

Do we really want an angry racist in the White House again?

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CEO’s around the country, be they red or blue, need to consider the consequences of an another authoritarian figure, like DeSantis, reaching the White House. Besides the possibilities of witnessing another January 6 that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene alluded to with her “National Divorce” statement, the probabilities are quite high that the tenure of such imperious figure might do to an already divided country.

How far can a national figure stretch that rubber band before it breaks and hits the country in the eye? This is the question CEO’s should consider as they see Mr. DeSantis flex his muscles against the most vulnerable of Americans.

Conventional wisdom dictates that, following January 6, corporate America must calm the waters, and not stir the social troubles some Republicans are eager to agitate. In fact, there is no good outcome when Americans reach for each other throats.

So, come 2024, big business must decide if supporting Trump or DeSantis will take the country to a better place, or will it divide us further? If one looks at polls on major issues like gun control, abortion rights, and racism, one will see that the likes of DeSantis will only polarize Americans even more. His fight with Disney has demonstrated amply that this is a man on a mission, come hell or high water, to impose his unpopular views on an unwilling America.

Where corporate America puts its money in 2024 will register greatly on our Richter scale of endurance as a democratic nation.

Do we really want an angry racist in the White House again?

Corporate America Beware of DeSantis

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