Did George Santos Swindle Jewish Donors?

Did George Santos Swindle Jewish Donors
Did George Santos Swindle Jewish Donors

As the media uncovers the extent of George Santos lies and deceptions, federal prosecutors are targeting the sources of sudden funds Santos stumbled upon. One explanation might be that Santos, running in a heavily Jewish Republican district, might have concocted a story to privately raise millions in private donations to specifically run for office. Did George Santos swindle Jewish donors who believed his Holocaust story and committed to his rise to prominence? We may never find out where Santos got his money unless if he obtained it through illegal means. Rich donors tend to successfully bury their activities using their connections.

The New York 3rd District, geographically located on Long Island, ranks number one in income in New York. Even higher than the 12th district representing Manhattan. For George Santos to have found wealthy patrons and promoters from that district seems to fit the bill.

We may soon find out more as the prosecutors investigate if no higher power halts, or slows down to a crawl, the investigation because it might embarrass people of substance who will eventually end it.


Another theory might include foreign funders who saw an opportunity to own a voice in Congress. China and Russia come to mind considering their past meddling in our internal elections. So far, we have no history of Santos travels overseas, if any. Nor do we have any indication he might have crossed paths with foreign diplomats or dignitaries to give credence to this theory.

Santos is a local boy with local ambitions whose past job of a call center operator paying $55,000 a year does not afford him the lifestyle of a jet setter. The man could not have rubbed shoulders with any foreign diplomat and gained their trust in less than 2 years. It simply does not add up.

Furthermore, the fact that the Republican Jewish Coalition denounced him so publicly is an indication that the coalition has either been duped by his duplicitous Jewish credentials, or some of its more prominent members may have played a role in Santos rise to financial prominence.

This theory has more plausibility.

Regardless of what the federal prosecutors find, the George Santos story is one for the ages. It highlights so many loopholes in our election system and how both parties select their candidates to run for office. Should the RNC and the DNC not have a skeleton of staff to vet their candidates before any endorsement?

For crying out loud, they can buy inexpensively the background information on any individual online with the clicks of few buttons.

Did George Santos Swindle Jewish Donors?


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