Does Greed Have a Breaking Point?

Does Greed Have a Breaking Point
Aiden McCarthy Orphaned at Highland Park Massacre

Does greed have a breaking point? The kind of greed some gun manufacturers represent and who deem that human life takes a backseat to lawless capitalism stained with the blood of the innocent? After witnessing 308 mass shootings in six months, it seems that greed in the United States of America has no limits. Not even when all white affluent Highland Park, a suburb of Chicago, experiences a deadly mass shooting during the 4th of July celebrations. Seriously, America has lost all its marbles when we witness incessant violence grip our cities, and the leadership in Washington is unwilling or unable to confront the problem. We have become the laughing stock of the real civilized world.

Do notice, however, that not one media outlet has dared to discuss gun control after the Highland Park mass shooting. The argument will go nowhere not because of the 2nd Amendment, but because of the greed of gun manufacturers and the money they use to buy politicians to keep this country the most violent and the most unsafe in the world.

The very idea that money buys politicians to serve the interests of rogue capitalist companies is irrational in and by itself. But when you add what this single act means to the safety of Americans, it looks, to any outsiders, that America has lost all rational thinking.

To answer the above question, in America, there is no breaking point for greed. Not when our children die in school rooms using weapons of war, and not when affluent people die while celebrating their identity. It is truly hopeless. Money will always come before humanity in America.

Good Samaritans have created a GoFunndMe page for Aiden to help his grandparents raise him.


Aiden McCarthy is a 2-year old toddler who lost both parents, Irina and Kevin McCarthy on July 4 at Highland Park. People in the vicinity of the tragic crime observed him roaming the area all bloody. Do you think the gun manufacturer regrets manufacturing and selling the deadly weapon that killed his innocent parents? Incidentally, police has yet to release what kind of weapon it was. Thanks to NRA interference probably.

It would not surprise us at all if it was an AR/15 with a scope and a high capacity magazine. One, no matter how skilled they are, cannot kill 7 people and injure dozens in a matter of minutes without the use of a real weapon of war.

Good Samaritans have created a GoFunndMe page for Aiden to help his grandparents raise him. We wish Aiden the best.

When we fail to take care of our own people, then we are on a steep decline. Honestly, does greed have a breaking point? Will the orphaning of Aiden provide it? We all believed that George Floyd might provide a breaking point that would strike racism a deadly blow, but we were wrong as we witnessed sick Akron, Ohio police officers use Jayland Walker as target practice.

Highland Park will change minds at the polls. It’s almost a guarantee.


Highland Park is an all-white affluent suburbs of Chicago. By affluent, we mean wealthy and most likely tend to vote Republican. It also represents the white suburbs most Republican candidates rely upon to win elections, which cut deep into tilting states from blue to red votes.

The news cycle has been quite busy of late. Between Russian advances in the Ukraine, the ugly murder of Jayland Walker at the hands of eight animals hired as police officers in Akron, Ohio, and the Supreme Court working against the will of the majority of Americans, Highland Park mass shooting has not sunk in yet. It will in the next few days as coverage by the media increases. Its impact will also be felt by white Republican voters and independents.

When gun control is not front and center of the media’s attention, you can bet that there are whispers behind the scenes in Washington trying to spin the tragedy so it does not impact Republicans. So far though, quiet best describes the responses from the usual suspects like Senator ted Cruz who rushed to defend the gun lobby after the Uvalde massacre.

Highland Park will change minds at the polls. It’s almost a guarantee. Are the Republicans nervous? You bet they are. They see this killing of white affluent suburbanites as impacting their chances at the polls as they saw Trump experience a defeat in 2020. But so far, there are no signs that greed is trumping real lives. Not even the precious lives of white suburban households.

In the meantime, we offer our condolences to those who perished in Highland Park, and especially to Aiden’s parents. Let’s hope one of their bereaved family members rises up to become anther spokesperson against gun lobby.

Does Greed Have a Breaking Point?

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