For the Votes of Trump Soldiers

For the Votes of Trump Soldiers
For the Votes of Trump Soldiers

Most Republicans out there, whether they are running in 2024, or simply running for office in Congress, are outraged at the mere audacity of District Attorney Alvin Bragg indicting Donald Trump. To the average Trump voter, their public outbursts are kudos the GOP candidates all hope would get them re-elected, or lift them to the top of the ticket should Trump falter in 2024. Many of them, like Mike Pence, Ron DeSantis, or Glenn Youngkin, hate Trump with passion. However, they are all willing to feign awe and shock at the application of the rule of law for the votes of Trump soldiers. It is just a simple exercise on their behalf to earn some points with all the racists and bigots in America who love what Donald Trump stands for.

These sycophants would do anything to keep Trump voters happy for the day Trump is no longer a force to reckon with, which may be coming sooner than we think. This comedy of blistering ass-kissing exercise has now become part and parcel of the American political landscape. How low can our country sink before we rise again is the question many of us are asking?

Where will it all end? Will it end when Trump harvests more racists as time goes by for them to re-elect him again, or will it end with the demise of this new culture of hate that our country is experiencing as it tears us all apart?

Of course, no one yet knows what crime Trump has committed to cover up the original hush money payment.


For the grand jury to indict Trump on 30 counts, it must have found compelling evidence that goes beyond the act of paying hush money, which in and by itself is not illegal. But knowing Donald Trump, he piles up one illegal act up on another one. If he needs to conceal the evidence of a payment, Trump would not hesitate to go rogue on the law. And this is where Alvin Bragg caught him red-handed, if you ask us.

Of course, no one yet knows what crimes Trump has committed to cover up the original hush money payment. Some, like the outraged Jim Jordan of Ohio chairing the House Judiciary Committee — imagine that, chair of the judiciary questioning the rule of law — are trying to find out what those 30 counts are before Alvin Bragg could issue the indictment, which has proven to be a road to nowhere because Bragg won’t submit as if it was circa 1860. Today, only Trump and those he conspired with to commit a crime know exactly what happened.

Meanwhile, Trump knows that his soldiers are loyal to him; even if he has committed crimes after crimes your average Joe would pay dearly for. What a tragedy and a burden the whole Trump train has become on our country. Illegal is now legal, and a criminal could become a president.

So, when you hear these miscreants who show outrage at the rule of law even if that makes them look like blood suckers of the first order, they will do anything for the votes of Trump soldiers. Including screaming bloody hell at the rule of law.

The law, in fact, has become their enemy.

For the Votes of Trump Soldiers

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