IDF Is Using Palestinian Children as Human Shields

IDF Using Palestinian Children as Human Shields
IDF Using Palestinian Children as Human Shields

While Israel accuses Hamas of using civilians as human shields to justify its genocide, the picture above proves that it is the IDF who is using Palestinian children to shield themselves. Mostly, from the wrath of the Palestinians that Israel occupies their lands. For 56 years and counting. There is absolutely nothing the new terrorist state of Israel is unwilling to do, which includes accusing others of the same crimes the country commits as it colonizes with violence and terror.

Fascists have the tendencies of accusing others of the same crimes they perpetrate. It’s a standard operating procedure for the Netanyahu’s era of violence that is committing American interests to the guillotine.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and uncovers a thousand Israeli lies.


There is a good reason apartheid and terrorist Israel, under Netanyahu, is killing Palestinian children. It has two goals.

Goal number one is to blunt population growth in the future –while Israeli settlers marry their first cousins to deliver dozens of cross-eyes children to populate lands they forcefully steal in plain daylight.

Goal number two is to limit the revenge factor when these children grow up to avenge the terror of Israel against their parents and next of kin.

Targeting and killing Palestinian children is an official, secret Israeli policy that President Biden wholeheartedly either agrees with, or is too senile to see it. So does Brett McGurk who is behind arming Israel to the teeth to murder as it pleases the innocent women and children.

Within that context, it is not difficult to watch images and videos of the IDF shielding themselves using Palestinian children, and arresting young Palestinians, as young as 2-year-old, for throwing rocks.

Then Israel screams bloody terrorists.

IDF Using Palestinian Children as Human Shields 2
IDF Using Palestinian Children as Human Shields 2


Get used to it, as Israel uses its influence in the United States to make sure the U.S. media does not cover its crimes against humanity. The story of Gaza is not about right and wrong, or the immorality of Israel, rather, it is about the story of how might turns into rights despite worldwide anger.

It is about 9 million Jews, eliminating the identity of the Palestinian people in order to take their lands. When was the last time we saw that movie? In the 1930s, when Hitler tried to exterminate Jewry just to nationalize their wealth for his land grab, the Nazis called Lebensraum.

IDF Using Palestinian Children as Human Shields

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