If Not For the US Government and Politicians Lying

If Not For the US Government and Politicians Lying

If not for the US Government and our politicians long history of lying to the American people, every COVID death, and the spread of this cursed virus, would have been preventable today. It’s a wake-up call when one learns that most of the unvaccinated do not trust their own government. How did this young country manage to erode the trust of its citizens so fast?

According to Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, as of this month, 2,000 people are approximately dying every day from COVID-19. To put this into a real perspective, America experienced the death of 2,753 people on 9/11 and 2,335 at Pearl Harbor. This represents an average of 30 hours each of COVID deaths. Furthermore, it represents two days worth of all the casualties in Iraq and one day’s worth of all the casualties in Afghanistan.

More people have died in the last week from COVID that the combined total of the two largest attacks on American soil and two of the last wars we fought abroad.

Just a perspective.

The combined effect of so many companies and so many politicians lying over long periods of times is that the people begin to lose trust in their leaders.


According to Pew Reserach data, as of April 11, 2021 only 24% of Americans trust their government. How did we get to that level when it hovered around 75% back in the 1960’s? How did the U.S. Government lose three times the number of people who trust it by pushing them into the “no trust” column?

If I have to guess, I would probably attribute this erosion to the total accumulation of lies and deceptions government officials engaged into to save their hinds over many issues be they political, economical, or social.

Being a democracy, accountability matters, which means politicians are more inclined to deceive the public for short-term gains, or to save face and their careers.

Little lies upon more little lies pile up over time. Especially when those lies have but one intent, which is to save the careers or legacies of our politicians.

Eventually, the truth comes out, and when it does it starts eroding that trust.

Add to that component the lies perpetrated by big business — like tobacco causes no cancer, or our water supplies are safe — and it is the wild west out there. The combined effect of so many companies and so many politicians lying over long periods of times is that the people stop trusting their leaders.

Once gone, it is very hard to regain that trust. It is so obvious from the numbers before us.

If found guilty, strip the senior Rupert Murdoch of his U.S. citizenship and ship his ass back to Australia.


Meanwhile, the assholes on FOX News like Tucker Carlson, who call themselves patriots, are driving the death count by discouraging people from vaccinating or wearing masks. The Justice Department should investigate their culpability in causing more deaths in this country, and if found guilty, to charge them with crimes of mass murders.

The same should apply to the Murdochs who own FOX.

I have an idea. Charge Rupert Murdoch for crimes against humanity when his FOX TV empire spreads misinformation that kills people. If found guilty, strip him of his U.S. citizenship and ship his ass back to Australia to serve the rest of his miserable life in some hole.

In the meantime, many politicians and members of Congress in the GOP camp keep catering to the unhinged elements in their party by going along with their vaccination resistance. For a party that wants to see COVID eliminated for business to thrive, it is shooting itself in the foot just so it keeps its voters wage their cultural wars against the Democrats.

Biden is trying hard to build that trust back, however, witnessing the chants that broke out during college football games in the south last week, his success rate is as good as Trump accepting the election results.

Meaning zero.

Instead of fighting each other, we need a new foreign enemy. Because of ransomware, Putin is handing us that gift on a silver platter. What is the White House doing about it?

Absolutely nothing.

Meanwhile, Biden’s popularity keeps sliding south. The place where they chant “F**k Biden”.

If Not For the US Government and Politicians Lying

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