Iran May Be About To Rock Biden’s Boat

Iran May Be About To Rock Biden's Boat
Iran May Be About To Rock Biden’s Boat

Here is the big picture. President Biden has an election to win, which means he has to steady his boat and avoid the big waves that are most likely coming his way because of his support of Israeli violence in Gaza. But that is exactly what may not happen because, it seems, that Iran may be about to rock Biden’s boat in 2024 to throw him off his center of gravity. Iran, most likely, wants Biden to lose the elections, even, we believe, at the expense of Donald Trump coming back to power. This may make the President vulnerable if Iran ups the ante, and Biden has no choice but to dive in head’s first to save Israel.

Biden is playing with fire, especially if starts attacking Yemen. Or, any of the other Arab countries surrounding Israel, itching for to save Israeli terror from accountability.

All the politicians who have known Joe Biden for many years are probably expressing the same fears privately. In the inner circle of the U.S. political machine, Joe Biden’s weakness is his lack of good judgment. He has a habit of making the wrong decisions at the wrong time, and a history of indecisiveness that is beginning to catch up to him.

Biden needs calm waters to win in 2024. Large waves will surely sink his boat, along with any chance to be reelected.


Historically, winners of U.S. presidential elections are able to show steadiness, resolve, and a feel for the mood of the American voters. Unfortunately, Biden has failed to predict how the public feels about his Israeli policy. Supremely, when his own people resign, or write him open letters of discontent. In addition to Arab-Americans in key swing states openly telling him he lost their confidence and votes.

This is not exactly how politics work. Where the position of the President may harm his interests to the Nth degree just because he lacks the good judgment to know any better.

Iran is seeing the big picture, and our guess is that they have a surprise for Biden that would make him look like the loser that he is. How and when that surprise manifests itself we will know soon. Never underestimate Iran’s capacity to outwit an aging man beholden to century-old political directions and biases, which are turning into liabilities before our eyes.

Our guess is that Iran would prefer a President in the White House who could stand up to Israel than be its lapdog. The same goes for Gulf countries, like, Saudi Arabia, which can rely on Donald Trump watching their backs.

Between the two, they have enough leverage to exercise in terms of timing of attacks and oil production reduction that would increase gas prices in the summer of 2024, to really impact the voters in the U.S. elections. Israel, on the other hand, is losing popular support even though AIPAC maintains a chokehold on Congress.

On November 2024, what counts are votes, not some 535 politicians kneeling down before their bully.

Iran May Be About To Rock Biden’s Boat

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