Israel Killing Fields Harm American Diplomacy

Israel Killing Fields Harm American Diplomacy
Israel Killing Fields Harm American Diplomacy

The title of CNN’s article “Biden administration privately warned by American diplomats of growing fury against US in Arab world” is most telling for choice of words like “fury”. Not anger, or displeasure, but “fury”. Israel killing fields is harming American diplomacy in a part of the world where our enemies are waiting for our mistakes to bounce. And what did Joe Biden do? He provided them, because of his blindness and idiotic foreign policy, the reason to drive a stake into the heart of our diplomacy in a region fraught with tensions.

Antony Blinken, of course, our top diplomat, doubled down on Biden’s 1000% support of Israeli terror against Palestinian civilians by assuming the Arab street and its rulers are just window dressings. No one is going to care about their positions, and no harm will come to the U.S. as a result.

Wait until the dust settles. The United States is going to find out, thanks to Biden and Blinken, just how expensive the Gaza war has become to our core interests in the region.


In a cable from the U.S. Embassy in Oman, authors and

We are losing badly on the messaging battlespace [citing conversations with] a wide range of trusted and sober-minded contacts. CNN by Priscilla Alvarez and Alex Marquardt - November 9, 2023

These conversations with “trusted and sober-minded contacts” is synonymous with saying these are the people we rely upon to keep relations warm and friendly. In other words, our best friends and allies in the region are furious at us for letting Israel kill with impunity thousands upon thousands of innocent Palestinian women and children just to hunt down a few Hamas terrorists.

We could have told this to the Biden team planning our foreign policy. In fact, we did yesterday before this article appeared here and here. Besides the Netanyahu’s apartheid government, we also blame President Biden for his lack of common sense. He jumped so quickly on the Israeli bandwagon head first, without considering the consequences of an open-ended support of an extremist Israeli government bent on brutal revenge and violent retaliation. In such a sordid way that it is impacting our relations with our most trusted Arab partners.


The world knows that Israel is committing war crimes in Gaza. Not even the terrorism of Hamas is justifiable enough to kill en masse innocent Palestinians by the thousands. Even if Hamas hides behind civilians, killing civilians remains a war crime.

Within this context, our Arab partners have determined that our complicity with Israel amounts to complicity in war crimes. CNN writes:

The robust US support for Israel’s actions is being seen, the cable warns, “as material and moral culpability in what they consider to be possible war crimes.” CNN by Priscilla Alvarez and Alex Marquardt - November 9, 2023

When your best friends in the Arab world think America is complicit in war crimes, it’s sobering enough to stop and think. As a result, what did Antony Blinken do? He refused to even consider a ceasefire.

Honestly, it’s up to him to solve the puzzle of his own making. We believe it might take some 30 years to undo the damage Israel caused the American diplomacy because of Biden’s mistake.

The problem is that Blinken has one year only.

Israel Killing Fields Harm American Diplomacy

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