Israeli Fanatic Minister Threatened American Universities

Israeli Fanatic Minister Threatened
Israeli Fanatic Minister Threatened. Photographer: Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Get this. The Netanyahu government is deliberately targeting civilians in Gaza, which caused the death of over 12,000 Palestinians in five weeks, the majority of whom were women and children. Yet, it expects to muzzle dissent or criticism, which often it calls antisemitic. So much so that an Israeli fanatic minister threatened American universities for not clamping down on antisemitism, which includes criticizing Israeli policies.

No to antisemitism, but yes to criticizing Israel.

Nir Barakat, the extremist cabinet minister of economy and industry, called for stifling free speech on campuses he believes it’s all antisemitism when most of it, in fact, is criticism of the policies of Israel. People like Barakat do not differentiate between the two. On purpose to spread a blanket of censure over free speech when it comes to Israel.

Antisemitism is wrong, but excoriating the policies leading to the mass murder of innocent civilians is not.

Where does Barakat get the Chutzpah to threaten? He gets it from wealthy Jewish American donors who are trying to control free speech on campuses using their wealth. They have already issued these threats numerous times since October 7, and none is more damning than the threats Bill Ackman issued to deny Harvard students jobs if they are pro-Palestinians. They all see the rise of pro-Palestinian sentiments on campuses as threatening to their influence, regardless of whether it is antisemitic, or not.

Who is going to judge the difference between Palestinian antisemites and Palestinians critical of Israeli policies? Bill Ackman? Give us a break. If there is a bigger hater of Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims, you will find them in the rhetoric of some wealthy Jewish American donors. Rest in peace, Sheldon Adelson.

You want less hate for Jews, then Israel should stop killing civilians.


Much of America hate the Taliban and the Mullahs in Iran. Mostly because they murder and mistreat their women. So, Americans hate them for their deeds, not religion. Have you ever heard Nir Barakat or Bill Ackman criticize our hate for those extremists?

The same is happening in Israel today. When Israel deliberately kills children, all 4,200 of them so far, it is bound to create more hate. Just as the world expressed more hate for the Taliban that no one objected to. True that history has taught us that hating Jews may lead to the rise of fascist genocidal governments, but that’s on Israel to make sure it never happens again by not killing children to avoid a backlash. Threatening American educational institutions by the same government officials killing innocent Palestinians is interference in our Constitutional republic.

You want less hate for Israel, then Israel should stop killing civilians. The same goes for the Taliban. If they want more respect and less hate, they need to stop killing their own people and stop oppressing their women.

Israel cannot act like Russia acted against Ukraine, and expect much love.


After the Munich 1972 tragedy, Israel hunted down every Palestinian member of Black September and killed them. It did not carpet bomb the West Bank, nor did it attack Jordan, where some Black September members lived.

Today, however, Israel is resorting to disproportionate and collective punishment of all Palestinians. Everyone is a target to include women and children. This makes Israel a modern apartheid state. People do not realize how much Israel is threatening to world order when it kills Arab and Muslim civilians whose religion boasts 1.4 billion people.

Had Netanyahu decided to hunt the culprits in Gaza one by one, the whole world would have stood by Israel. But instead, he and the extremist members of his cabinet, chose to avenge the terror Hamas exacted by hunting and terrorizing innocent civilians, regardless of the costs to Israeli image. Having selected that path, no one has the right to threaten anyone for expressing the same hate they also express against the Taliban and the Mullahs of Iran. Netanyahu and his ilk brought it on themselves.

Israel cannot act like Russia acted against Ukraine, and expect much love.

It’s a losing battle. Threats, or no threats from far right fanatics like Nir Barakat.

Israeli Fanatic Minister Threatened American Universities

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