Lithium Deprived Ginni Thomas Represents GOP Conservatism

Lithium Deprived Ginni Thomas Represents GOP Conservatism
Lithium Deprived Ginni Thomas Represents GOP Conservatism

Ginni Thomas reminds us of a patient who is supposed to take two pills a day and who, invariably, runs out of her medication two weeks before the month ends. When someone tells her it is because she is flushing most of her pills down the toilet, she vehemently objects and starts citing every imaginable and illogical reason why she is running out early. Except the one that puts the blame squarely on her toilet-flushing habits. The Lithium deprived Ginni Thomas represents today’s American conservatism. No matter how many times its adherents try to state that the Democrats stole the 2020 elections, they still fail to provide one shred of evidence to validate their claims.

Yet, there it goes again. During her testimony before the January 6 committee, Thomas insisted the Democrats stole the elections. How? She could not say. Just that they stole it. How could she have run out of her medication before the end of the month? Her pills must have flown away on their own, but, she will never admit she flushed them down the toilet.

The truth is too hard for the conservatives in America to swallow. Their sense of entitlement is leading many of them to break the law in order to achieve their goals. Witness, in that regard, the fake electors scheme. If American conservatism could conceive this scheme, they are then capable of destroying our own system of government. Unapologetically and unashamedly.


How will they, one day, wake up to face the truth remains to us all, standing on the sideline watching this horror show, a total mystery. Is Ginni Thomas so stupid as to refuse the logic of deductions? Or does she need to stop flushing her medication in the hope she will get better? We sure as hell don’t have an answer to her puzzle.

Suffice to say that the woman is unhinged. Literally and figuratively. No person, after losing over 60 lawsuits challenging the results of the 2020 election loss, could possibly stand by their vehement position that someone stole the elections if they did not take their medication on time and in accordance with their therapist instructions.

To insist on an illogical outcome of events is, ladies and gentlemen, the very definition of insanity.

Is Ginni Thomas an imbecile? Probably not. Is she sick in the head? Probably yes. All we can offer is our sympathies for her to get well soon.

To answer the question, does Ginni Thomas need to increase her Lithium dosage? We will let her therapist answer it. However, from where we are sitting, it is not possible, after Thomas claimed the Democrats stole the elections without providing any evidence and after testing the limits of the system publicly and legally, without also feeling sorry for her sickness.

We hope her husband takes the time to look after his wife.

Lithium Deprived Ginni Thomas Represents GOP Conservatism

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