Open Letter to Police Officers Across the US

Open Letter to Police Officers Across the US

Because of combined factors, like hiring violent ex-military or keeping angry police officers on the force with multiple complaints against them, the police in America is out of control. It always has been, but now we all see it and feel it because of technology and because people are getting tired of their anger and illegal behavior. So, here is an open letter to police officers across the US.

And if doctors in ER don’t brag about split-decision life and death situations, don’t brag about yours either.


  • We pay you to protect and serve, so please don’t expect any sympathy when you don’t. Further, don’t expect more sympathy than we afford other public servants like health workers. They save lives while you sometimes illegally take them. And if doctors in ER don’t brag about split-decision life and death situations, don’t brag about yours either.
  • If you think police work is dangerous, which affords you the luxury of violating our human rights, find another job. You chose to be a police officer. No one put a gun to your head. And if split-second decisions overwhelm you, then find another less stressful job. But do not pull your gun and kill often innocent and unarmed civilians because you cannot handle split-second decisions.
  • Three strikes and you are out should also apply to you as a police officer. When you receive three independently assessed, valid complaints against you, you should be fired from your job. Protecting a police officer with 22 violent complaints against him, as Derek Chauvin did, is like every police officer bungee jumping attached to an elastic band. The Chauvins of the world will burn everyone eventuality.
  • If you think violating our rights is alright because of some beef you have with the precious black members of our community, then expect the worst from us. Expect us to hate you. Expect us to work diligently to change the laws to either force you to serve and protect or find something else to do, not violate and kill. We will eventually win.
  • If you don’t realize you have a super, mega public relations headache on your hand because of the illegal behavior of other officers or the abusive powers of the police unions, then you are not doing yourself or your family a favor. You, as a good police officer, should work to dismantle police unions that protect repeat and violent offenders. It impacts you indirectly when your own commitment to protect and serve becomes questionable.
  • If you stand by while watching another police officer break the law, you are no better than they are. Stand up and speak. The more you protect corrupt and violent police officers, the more the harm you cause to the reputation of every police officer.
  • If you cannot control your anger doing your job, you cannot control it at home either. States should look into your own abusive behavior against your own family if you had so many violent complaints filed against you. They suffer silently because their complaints, due to the blue wall of silence, will turn their husbands and fathers even more violent without any accountability.
  • Saying that you are violent because of lack of training is so out of line with reality. When police departments hire veterans or ex-military who served under violent conditions, they bring their violence to our streets. Even against children. Police departments across the country should tap into the NGO industries to hire new recruits. They will bring some sanity and kindness.
  • Besides some of you police officers killing so many innocent people, you are also known to be rude, to discriminate in traffic stops and arrests, to use excessive and unnecessary force, to falsify police documents, to lie about arrests, to steal evidence, to profile and harass unnecessarily, to racially intimidate, to sexually torment, to assault violently, to make illegal arrests, and to violate the law in general. Now ask yourself if you have done none of the above, how it impacts you. You need to dismantle your police union and take away their powers to dictate who stays on the police force against your interests and those of the local municipalities and cities you pay taxes to.
  • You need to realize that taxpayers, your angry and illegal police conduct impacts, are turning on you slowly. They are realizing that the payment of $27m to the Floyd family or the overtime police pay to control demonstrations could have renovated a school or hired more teachers had Chauvin not murdered George Floyd. Same goes for every town and city in America. Angry and violent police officers running amok because of lack of accountability hurts us all, not just the victims and you the police officer abiding by the law. Everyone in America should work to dismantle the immense powers of police unions that protect unfit police officers.
  • You also need to realize that the mainstream media is now carrying the mantle of justice for the black communities across the U.S. as it reports on every case of police brutality on its front pages. Whether you are a good cop or a bad one, you cannot win this war.
  • You know already that the new Justice Department has opened a probe into the Minneapolis and the Louisville Police Departments. The FBI is following suit probing into the police execution of Andrew Brown. Chances are stacked against violent police officers, and it is a question of time before we reform the whole system. From top to bottom. The effort is underway.
  • For all the police officers who abide fully by the rule of law and the laws of decency, we say: Thank you. Now, be a leader. Influence the system to reform.

Thank you,


H.R.7120, George Floyd Floyd Justice in Policing Act 2020, has passed the House but Republicans are reluctant to make it law in the Senate. For a political organization that wants a smaller government and financial discipline, it says a lot about the GOP when it refuses to enact laws to not only protect a large segment of the populace they are supposed to serve, but also to save hundreds of millions of dollars against cases of police brutality that lead to demonstrations and settlements.

Hope is on the horizon we might force the police to act humanely; and to actually serve and protect.

Open Letter to Police Officers Across the US

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