Pay Attention to DeSantis. Forget Trump.

Pay Attention to DeSantis. Forget Trump.
Pay Attention to DeSantis. Forget Trump.

Donald Trump remains enemy number one for our institutions that need protection from him, whether he is President or not. This is self-evident. Nobody in the history of this country has tried to overturn a presidential election, and along the way almost overturned the government itself. But, because our attention is squarely concentrated on Trump, many are missing the big picture, which, if viewed without bias, fully demonstrates how dangerous is Ron DeSantis. Pay attention to DeSantis. His authoritarianism is the real danger to American democracy, and unlike Trump who pushed all at once, he is smarter and is using incremental steps to fully disable our democracy, over time, in favor of religious totalitarianism.

Who is beginning to pay attention to Ron DeSantis is none other than Joy-Ann Reid, one of the smartest TV personality. In a blog, Reid, describing the DeSantis policies, wrote:

There is a model for what this little dictator in the making wants to do: Just look at China, Cuba, North Korea, Afghanistan or Iran, where the government censors the media, or force-feeds a strict, conservative religious ideology to children in schools, or deploys morality police to make sure you’re wearing what they want, learning what they want, doing what they want. That model also happens to have a name and it’s called totalitarianism, the political concept that the citizen should be totally subject to an absolute state authority.MSNB by Joy-Ann Reid - May 31, 2023
What is the war on Disney but an attempt to stifle freedom of speech and freedom of association?


This is the true face of Ron DeSantis. The man is using democracy as a vehicle to eventually introduce religious totalitarianism. Who is on board with that concept? All the white billionaires funding him because of their fears that the diversity of the country will, by 2046, allow non-whites to join their elitist clubs of power as the demographics change rapidly.

In the 1917 February revolution in Russia, democratic forces rose to control the post-Tsarist government. However, its leader, Alexander Kerensky, ceded in October to the Lenin Bolshevik revolution mainly because Kerensky believed the people wanted his brand of capitalism. In the background, the Lenin Bolshevik Party started with only 5,000 supporters in Petrograd in February. By October, they took over the Soviet Government.

The United States is facing the same dilemma today. By the time Ron DeSantis comes closer to 2024, many racists, antisemites, and white nationalists may opt for a totalitarian DeSantis if we do not stop that train today. Joy-Ann Reid understands the DeSantis danger.

What is book banning, after all, but a totalitarian trick to submit the masses to indoctrination? What is the war on Disney but an attempt to stifle freedom of speech and freedom of association? Are you connecting the dots, yet? Ron DeSantis is far more dangerous than Trump, a man who will probably not escape prison.

Pay attention to DeSantis, or lose your country and your freedoms.

Pay Attention to DeSantis. Forget Trump.

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