Pence Should Announce Running in 2024

Pence Should Announce Running in 2024
Pence Should Announce Running in 2024

Whether the data supports it or not, or whether the polling numbers favor the former VP to become the Republican nominee in two years, Mike Pence should announce running in 2024. Even if it scapegoats him, and even if he has little chance of succeeding. VP Mike Pence owes it to the country, since he did not want to take his fight with Donald Trump public after January 6, to try and stop the former president in his tracks; or at least to gauge the position of real patriotic conservatives who fear for the country should Trump make a comeback, or his minion Ron DeSantis run for president.

Pence announcing his candidacy and receiving even some support from conservative Republicans who believe the Constitution stands above their own self-interests, might just be the kind of good news we need right now. Because the optics, in spite of the good work of the January 6 Committee, look bad for 2024. We cannot give Donald Trump not even a hint the country would accept his criminality.

And since the country is clueless about Merrick Garland’s intentions in upholding the rule of the law against a former president, we must start thinking outside the legal box. Now and today.


Judging from the the support Ron DeSantis is getting from anti-Trumpist Republicans, it might seem to many that Pence announcing his candidacy is an exercise in futility. In the latest poll the University of New Hampshire conducted recently, Ron DeSantis, in six months, gained 21% points partially at the expense of Donald Trump whose numbers declined the same period by 6% points (from 43% down to 37%), but mostly at the expense of the invisible other Republican leaders like Mike Pence.

This does not bode well for the country. Because DeSantis is a miniaturized Trump. DeSantis banning supposed CRT books might feed into the mindset of his constituents, but it would not sit well with many Americans on a national basis. Throughout history, banning books precede burning books. It’s a slippery slope to fascism and DeSantis smells like, acts like, and walks like a fascist leader.

Therefore, a very good reason exists for Mike Pence to carry the mantle so early. There are many Republicans in America who still believe in the Constitution and Mike Pence needs to rally that crowd early on. He owes it to every American for not standing up to Donald Trump publicly to stop his coup d’état. His early candidacy, if its messaging is right, might just be the medicine this country needs.


What medicine is that? It’s really simple. Pence might want to say to his public that he is not a fascist leader who will strip away the rights of other people. Put fascism on trial in America even though millions now support the concept of imposing their wills on the rest of the country.

Will it awaken the country? Probably not. But think of it as a January 6 Committee speaking the language of half the country that refused to tune to its findings. Think of it as Mike Pence trying to fix our societal broken compass. If he succeeds, America wins. If he fails, his sacrifice is payback for his post January 6 temperament.

Furthermore, if Trump wanted to hang Pence, should Pence not want to politically “hang” Donald Trump? Simply by announcing his candidacy to suck away the oxygen Trump is trying to maintain in his suffocating bubble of lies and deceit.

Pence owes it to the country to try and impede the fascism Trump unleashed. He owes it to the country to politically “hang” Donald Trump.

Pence Should Announce Running in 2024

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