President George Bush is the True Leader of the Republican Party

President George Bush is the True Leader of the Republican Party

In a podcast with The Dispatch, former President George W. Bush opens up about what many people know is true, but which no one talks about. During the interview that Sarah Isgur and Steve Hayes conducted brilliantly, our former President said “if the Republican Party stands for exclusivity — you know, it used to be country clubs, now evidently it’s White Anglo-Saxon Protestantism — then it’s not going to win anything”. Former President George Bush is the true leader of the Republican Party, not that pathetic and sick con man who is still trying to break this country apart by promoting white Protestant supremacy and falsehoods just so he can scam his way through the pockets of his followers.

This is one of the first times I remember, in recent history, that a former President has highlighted a religious component central to our troubles. In the past, such open and honest discussions were always believed to be counter-productive to our democracy, but given that 45 keeps spreading lies, President Bush is absolutely right to highlight this issue now because many Americans are appalled by the thought that we, as a democratic nation, can inject religion into our discourse. Let the followers of 45 know what they are advocating for when they support this swindler from New York.

Those running it [The GOP} today are not only insane, but stupid to think their nativism will land them in any other column but the L column.


In the Republican Party of today, the pro 45 elements form the overwhelming majority. So much so that saying the party is gone off its rails does not really do justice to the realities of its self-destruction. In fact, the Republican Party looks like an asylum escapee with his straight jacket still on. This is what I see when I watch the likes of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, another hooligan touting religious superiority, as well as Senators Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, and Ron Johnson. People wearing straight jackets because they are too insane for anyone to trust them with telling the truth.

The true leaders of the Republican Party in Congress are Rep. Liz Cheney whose courage might one day usher her into the White House. I may not agree with all of her policies, but I, for one, will certainly sleep better knowing there is an honest President Liz Cheney leading our nation.

Another is Senator Mitt Romney whose candor about what he thinks of 45, which is in line with what rats think of floods, is like a breath of fresh air. He speaks for many when he criticizes 45 openly. Romney is the real Senator leader of the GOP, not Cancun Cruz or Josh Hawley who helped the insurrectionists storm the Capitol in a treasonous act punishable by death in any other country.

Other than a handful of lawmakers who voted to impeach 45 for violently trying to reverse President Joe Biden’s election results, the rest of the Republican Party needs a straight jacket. Those running it today are not only insane, but stupid to think their nativism will land them in any other column but the L column.

Inclusion and diversity is the name of the game.


It really is a simple question to ask. How is 45 healing our nation by spreading lies? Does he think the recount in Arizona, incidentally monitored by an insurrectionist, will put him back in the White House? Or does he need to fuel more distrust in our democratic order to scam his followers? Imagine someone willing to break our nation apart just so he can swindle his supporters. This is whom his voters ushered into the White House. Luckily for us for only four years of damage.

How are the lawmakers spreading his lies, and who continue to pursue the notion that President Joe Biden did not win the election, help our nation solve the many political, societal, and economic problems we are facing? Problems the people trust they are in Washington to resolve?

If they think only Protestants should run our country, they are in for a rude awakening as data shows that the white population is shrinking and it’s not the Catholic families. This is why President Bush said ” …then it’s not going to win anything”. It being today’s GOP.

Inclusion and diversity is the name of the game. Those who are stubbornly attached to the idea that only White Anglo-Saxons Protestants should rule will see themselves go insane and right into a straight jacket, or lose repeatedly in future elections enough to make them not just a bit, but fully, inconsequential.

There are only so many ruse tricks they can deploy to suppress voters. Eventually, the sheer numbers will overwhelm their insanity.

President George Bush is the True Leader of the Republican Party

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