President Zelensky Saved Us From Ourselves

President Zelensky Saved Us From Ourselves
6-year old Ukrainian girl killed by Putin’s bombs

An interesting article this morning, penned by Steven Collinson on CNN, describes how the courage of President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine helped change the West response to Putin’s aggression by dramatically escalating not only the rhetoric, but also the level of sanctions most western countries were reluctant to implement. The bottom line of the article? President Zelensky saved us from ourselves by forcing Western leaders across the globe to look at each other in the mirror and feel the shame of their timid first response to the invasion. In short, Zelensky, a Jewish Ukrainian actor, compelled these leaders to meet the challenge of confronting Putin’s barbarism.

Now all the world needs is to see Zelensky defeat Putin on the battlefield with more western help. Fingers crossed. But let us not dream. Putin’s savagery is as legendary as the one his hero Joseph Stalin exhibited.

Unfortunately, this kind of strong-under-duress leadership has been lacking in Western nations,


Zelensky poses a grave danger to Vladimir Putin’s reign of terror. He must survive Putin’s war machine to inspire other democratic nations to rise up to dictators all around the world, including here in the United States where the traitor Donald Trump keeps praising Putin the mass murderer.

This is how Collinson described Zelensky’s impact on the U.S. and Europe:

The Ukrainian leader’s defiance has inspired and shamed the United States and the European Union into going far further — and far faster — in turning Russia into a pariah state than it appeared they were ready to go. By promising weapons and ammunition to Zelensky, 44, the West appears increasingly to be drawn into a possible proxy war with Moscow over Ukraine, even though it is not a NATO member that benefits from the bloc’s direct mutual defense agreements.CNN by Steven Collinson - February 28, 2022

This is not the time for criticism, but for praise. This is the time to praise President Zelensky for his courage and fortitude. He has rallied the world around his country by showing what leadership looks like. He also showed timid, so-called leaders what it would take to confront an advancing army five times the size of Ukraine’s.

Unfortunately, this kind of strong-under-duress leadership has been lacking in Western nations, and maybe the Republicans and the Democrats can learn something from Zelensky to protect this nation going forward.

Putin’s bombs are intentionally targeting civilians. As he did previously in Chechnya, Georgia, and Syria.


The biggest shock to me came when the small country of Switzerland, known for its scared neutrality, took a stand against Russia by slapping its own sanctions on Putin’s oligarchs. That’s good, folks. Maybe the sanctions would work, maybe not. The fact Switzerland abandoned its neutrality is big news.

Thank you Switzerland. That’s the good.

Why does small Ukraine vote for their best leaders, and in the United States, we vote for the least competent sometimes, or the least capable? An important question we must all ask ourselves.

Is our system of government so corrupt that only the worst present themselves for elections? Is the two-party system conducive to such a corruption? Whatever the case may be, our country needs brave and righteous Presidents like Zelensky. We pass on criminal Presidents, or timid ones. That’s the bad.

Many are questioning Putin’s sanity and for the right reasons. No normal leader would attack its neighboring democratic country just because it wants to join NATO and invigorate the freedom they enjoy instead of the authoritarianism they witness next door.

Putin’s bombs are intentionally targeting civilians. As he did previously in Chechnya, Georgia, and Syria. The picture we see in this article is that of a 6-years old girl that Putin killed her. See the man on the left broken and crying? We see the ugliness of Putin in this damning picture.

May that little girl rest in peace.

President Zelensky Saved Us From Ourselves

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