Santos Finds Himself in No Man’s Land

Santos Finds Himself in No Man's Land
Santos Finds Himself in No Man’s Land. Evelyn Hockstein/REUTERS.

From a societal perspective, most Republicans would rather see gay George Santos rot in hell rather than sit at their table in Congress if it was not for his much need vote, and most Democrats, politically-speaking, would rather see George Santos lose the elections to give any Democrat candidate a chance to win his seat. From both angles, Santos finds himself in no man’s land as he tries to straddle both the political and the societal scenes with engrained biases from both political parties.

Why would a gay man run for office as a Republican is illogical in the first place. Especially, given the culture wars the GOP is promoting, like Governor Ron DeSantis, against the LGBTQ communities. The answer is simple. The voters in that 3rd congressional district lean republicans. It was in his best interest to follow the scent of winning, even at the expense of his ideological existence.

This is the real George Santos. Anything for power and money, even if it harms his gender identity and those of his peers.

Where did these people learn right from wrong? Shame on their parents for raising immoral weasel offsprings who poison our society.


from the onset, Santos never belonged in Congress once his lies became common knowledge. But in order to defeat the status quo, Santos chose to blend and belong as best as he can. This meant he had to wear an NRA/AR-15 lapel on his jacket. It also meant he had to vocally and openly support Donald Trump in the hope he gets back some of that support of Trumps enablers in Congress.

And to a certain degree, it worked. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), the firecracker racist and nuthead par excellence, lent her support, and even sponsored a bill that banned LGBTQ books in schools. Imagine that! A gay man banning teaching about his gayness in schools in the hope this earns him the right to remain in Congress and not thrown out by its majority-led GOP.

Folks, it’s like a Hollywood movie script.

Another nutcase in Matt Gaetz (R-FL) also went to bat for Santos, as HuffPost described his enablement after appearing on a podcast to claim many in Congress embellish and lie about their resumes. As if this makes it right! Where did these people learn right from wrong? Shame on their parents for raising immoral weasels who are poisoning our society.

It won’t be long before justice finds its way to lock Santos up as his 13-count indictment will, most likely, throw his ass in prison one day. The indictment of George Santos is extremely important because lack of prosecution of his case would have invited hundreds of would-be con artists to also reach out high and far. Had the law not find its way to hold Santos accountable for his lies.

In the meantime, don’t feel bad for his gayness. First and foremost, he is an immoral man who stepped beyond the red line on his own volition and will.

Our country deserves better.

Santos Finds Himself in No Man’s Land

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