Sore Loser Matt Gaetz on a Revenge Trip

Sore Loser Matt Gaetz on a Revenge Trip
Sore Loser Matt Gaetz on a Revenge Trip. AP Photo

In another Blog, we called Matt Gaetz the devil incarnate because anyone who places his own personal vendetta, while whoring the media’s bandwidth, ahead of helping 7 million women in need of government assistance is not a human being. Today, however, after Matt Gaetz and his Freedom Caucus lost big in their attempt at shutting down the government, we can also call him sore loser Matt Gaetz. The truth is that he is on a deeply personal revenge trip to oust Speaker Kevin McCarthy from his post.

The Freedom Caucus fanatic brand, on display through the vindictive personality of Matt Gaetz, is out for blood if their members don’t control Congress with their extremist ideas and policies. There is no compromise, no concessions, and no negotiations for middle ground with these radicals. It’s all or nothing. It’s their way or the highway.

Who controls these renegade lawmen but Donald Trump, whose job is to dismantle the democratic institutions of the United States for his own Napoleonic goals. God forbid, he succeeds with help from Matt Gaetz.

What is important is to highlight Trump’s incompetence and danger to the country.


Should Gaetz succeed in ousting Speaker Kevin McCarthy—if the Democrats do not step up to save him—the chaos we have witnessed the last few weeks in Congress would be a child’s play in comparison. Whomever the radicals offer as an alternative is beside the point. It’s their policies sitting in the defendant’s chair, which all Democrats and numerous Republicans refuse to accept.

It’s not the Speaker’s job at stakes here, but rather it’s some 30 Representatives trying to dictate to the other 415. Matt Gaetz and the idiots at the Freedom Caucus believe they can.

As long as Trump is alive, sowing chaos and destruction, this country will never be safe again. Even when the loser fails, he continues to use whatever means at his disposal to spread lawlessness and bedlam.

Nonetheless, defeating Trumpism begins by defeating the Freedom Caucus’ ability to dictate policy. This could happen one of two ways. Either the Democrats help Gaetz to vacate Kevin McCarthy from his job in order to let chaos reign, which might help the voters end Trump’s political career. Or, we save McCarthy to show how dysfunctional Trump and his idiots are.

The former is a long-term solution. At least one that eyes the elections of 2024. And the latter is a short-term band-aid, which might, or might not, put a temporary target on Trump’s back with the voters. One that the country hopes they might remember come next year.

What is important is to highlight Trump’s incompetence and danger to the country. Either move works towards that goal.

Sore Loser Matt Gaetz on a Revenge Trip

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