Thank Senator Sinema for the Hike in Medicare Premiums

Thank Senator Sinema for the Hike in Medicare Premiums
Thank Senator Sinema for the Hike in Medicare Premiums

The U.S. Government just announced a huge Medicare hike of its Plan D related to medication and drugs. Mostly because of the pandemic as well as a new overly expensive Alzheimer drug. Americans should thank Senator Sinema for the hike in Medicare premiums because she stood against the ability of the U.S. Government to negotiate drug prices under its Medicare program as part of the Build Back Better bill. Big Pharma bought her vote, and now millions of senior Americans, many of whom cannot afford this hike, will have to suffer the consequences of a broken political system that bribes elected officials to safeguard their interests.

The hike amounts to a 14.5% increase starting in January. It barely offsets the 5.9% increase in social security payments seniors will receive due to inflation. That 14.5% increase is due to the fact corrupt politicians are standing in the way to enact sensible policies. On the other side, when it comes to big pharma, it’s all about lawless capitalism and greed at their worst.

So, thank you Kyrsten Sinema for your compassion. You are a great Senator. You come fully wrapped as big pharma Santa Claus gouging the most vulnerable group of Americans.


Under a Republican President, George W. Bush, Congress enacted into law the premise that the U.S. Government cannot negotiate bulk prices of drugs under the Medicare program, which meant over 60 million seniors in this country are paying an unfair share to buy drugs by overpaying for their Part D program. One that just increased by 14.5%.

What civilized country in the world treats its most vulnerable citizens in the same fashion the GOP in America treats theirs? None. From Canada, to Germany, to Sweden, all of these nations do not bend to their pharma industries like the Republicans in Congress do. And then they have the audacity to call themselves “compassionate conservatives”.

Why the case of Senator Kyrsten Sinema is so appalling? Because she is a democrat. She belongs to the party clamoring to lower drug prices as opposed to the majority GOP politicians in sync with big pharma making big profits at the expense of the most vulnerable seniors. That’s what makes her position so infuriating to her base and to many democrats across this land. She sold her soul for $750,000 to big pharma and to hell with her party’s agenda or the millions of seniors suffering the consequences of her selfishness.

Thank Senator Sinema for the Hike in Medicare Premiums

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