The Coward Finally Spoke Up

The Coward Finally Spoke Up
The Coward Finally Spoke Up

Adelai Stevenson has a quote worthy of our attention if we are ruminating over the campaign Ron DeSantis has run so far. Stevenson said: “You can tell the size of a man by the size of the thing that makes him mad.” In DeSantis case, Disney made DeSantis mad because it challenged his delicate ego, so did black history denouncing slavery; but DeSantis remained silent on Trump trespasses against our democracy until now when the coward spoke up.

Disney’s right to voice its opinion under the First Amendment made DeSantis mad, but the biggest thing in our history dealing with someone refusing to concede an election then try and overturn it did not even bother that little man. Until now, when he finally said: “Of course he lost.


If there was ever the wrong man doing the wrong thing at the wrong time, the Ron DeSantis campaign of 2023 exemplifies it.

Why the wrong man? Because he is the most uncharismatic and uncaring politician, Republican or Democrat, to hit the trail in pursuit of the Office of the President of the United States. If you ask others who know him well, what do they think of him, our words sound like a child’s play compared to the opinions of others about the deficiencies of his personality. Definitely the wrong man.

Is he doing the wrong thing? When he veers to the right of the alt-right, Ron DeSantis is killing any chance of becoming a future President. As one of his biggest donors, Robert Bigelow, who now has frozen his contributions, said about DeSantis: “He does need to shift to get to moderates. He’ll lose if he doesn’t … Extremism isn’t going to get you elected.” On every decision he made to please baby boomers Floridians, all national polls head in the other direction. Certainly doing the wrong thing.


The country is still recovering from the Trump disease, and yet here comes another trump wannabe out betting the master himself in terms of hatred, racism, and bigotry. Trump lost 2020 because of his trademark supremacist positions on everything, to include white nationalists Nazis he called “Good people”. One of those the DeSantis campaign hired without any vetting of his background.

The coward finally spoke up by admitting Trump lost 2020. It only took him a few months of digesting the truth without the courage to saying it.

It matters little how many believe he is the wrong man for the job, DeSantis keeps forcing his way like a crazed bull with poisonous arrows, in the form of policy statements, killing him slowly. He won’t quit until he loses big.

For that we will have to wait for 2028 when he runs again and his record turns off millions of voters. Until then …

The Coward Finally Spoke Up

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