The Idiocy of the Israeli Government

The Idiocy of the Israeli Government 2
The Idiocy of the Israeli Government 2

Yes, Hamas attacked innocent Israeli citizens and killed many in the absence of the Israeli military in southern Israel, which concentrated all its effort on assisting the Israeli settlers in the West Bank steal more Palestinian lands and properties. Had the government of Netanyahu heed the advice of the American and the Egyptian intelligence services, which warned Israel that Hamas was on the move, maybe the world may not be a witness to the horrific war in Gaza. It was the idiocy of the Israeli government concentrating all its attention on stealing West Bank lands that brought us to this point.

And while Israel levels Gaza to the ground, the extremist settlers continue to exact a heavy price on the lives of the Palestinians populating the West Bank. One incident that made headlines happened when the IDF, along with Israeli settlers wearing IDF uniforms, kidnapped three West Bank Palestinians, stripped them naked in a barn, beat them, photographed them, urinated on them, and threatened to kill them all. Under the Netanyahu government, law and order are missing in action.

We blame the extremist Israeli settlers for starting the war in Gaza, as much as we blame Hamas for attacking innocent Israelis.

No one can any longer claim that Israel’s domestic policies with regard to the Palestinians protects its population. That mindset has already flown over the cuckoo’s nest.


If anyone believes that Israel is going to eradicate terror by killing more innocent Palestinians, its idiocy has no bounds. For Netanyahu, it’s all about revenge, not any grand strategy to bring peace to his country. The fact is that the more civilian deaths, the higher the chances that Israel may never find peace of mind for the rest of this century.

As of November 6, the Ministry of Health in Gaza, said the number of civilian deaths surpasses 10,000.

Grant you that any violent organization that wishes to throw Israelis into the sea, or to harm Israeli innocent civilians, must also pay the price with its own longevity. There is no more room for extremism, terror, or violence on both sides. Between the Israeli extremists, albeit terrorists, and the Hamas terrorists, the world is losing its patience with both.

In essence, we need to eradicate extremism on both sides to find a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian divide. It’s that logical. It’s that simple.

Hamas must also release all Israeli hostages. There is nothing Netanyahu has not done so far to make the hostages worthwhile holding, which means the Hamas tactical step is counter-productive. If Hamas made the wrongful bet that Israel won’t attack Gaza, and risk killing its own, it made the wrong bet.

Watching the mobilization of US military might, as well as the feverish pace of American diplomacy as the war rages, it would be logical to conclude that we are witnessing a mini paradigm shift in the status quo. No one can any longer claim that Israel’s domestic policies with regard to the Palestinians protect its population. That mindset has already flown over the cuckoo’s nest.

We hope the wiser among us see the future with wider opened eyes, and less political bias favoring personal interests.

The Idiocy of the Israeli Government

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