The Loser Policies of Ron DeSantis

The Loser Policies of Ron DeSantis
The Loser Policies of Ron DeSantis

We could tell you that Ron DeSantis is unfit to be President. We could tell you that he is not ready for prime time considering the laws he has been passing in Florida, which have little traction on a national level. Or, we could tell you that the loser policies of Ron DeSantis are finally catching up with him now that he is center stage challenging another lunatic in Donald Trump. Either way, believe us when we say that Ron DeSantis is going nowhere outside Florida with his candidacy.

The people have spoken about his deranged and authoritarian policies, and considering he is known to be a loner wolf in a Quid Pro Quo field of play, the man is going nowhere fast.

Mind you, that’s our opinion. But, it is also the opinion of polled American voters who disagree with most of what he has done so far in Florida.

DeSantis dictatorial instincts are truly hard to hide


Ron DeSantis not only lacks the charisma necessary for Trump voters to accept him as an alternative, but he also lacks the temperament to position himself as a winner on the national stage with loser policies that do not really reflect the general population stand on issues.

To many voters, he looks like a renegade cowboy shooting from the hips his blank and unpopular policies. There is no discipline to his madness, except when it comes to feeding Floridians a localized menu of flamingo soup with crocodile steaks.

How does he expect to win in general elections then? By twisting the arms of the voters like he twisted Disney’s arms? Or, is it by believing he can weasel himself and his unpopular policies into the minds and hearts of an unwelcoming and more sophisticated American voter? We don’t have the answer to this question. It is obvious, though, that Ron DeSantis is incapable of mounting a Presidential campaign nationally as long as his small man racist policies drag him down with the weight of their pettiness.

There is a good reason we call him Benito because like his ancestor Benito Mussolini, DeSantis does not stand a chance to rise to the level of his Führer. And if you think other CEOs around the country have not taken note of how he treated Disney, we know of a cave you might as well use as a residence.

DeSantis dictatorial instincts are truly hard to hide. Americans would smell them a mile away, regardless whether he is more of a racist than Trump is, or not.

The Loser Policies of Ron DeSantis

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