The Ron DeSantis Non-Existent Donors

The Ron DeSantis Non-Existent Donors
The Ron DeSantis Non-Existent Donors

In the world of politics, money is the blood circulating to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the candidates seeking elections. Without it, reaching the voters with their messages becomes almost an impossibility when the media often ignores you. Of late, Ron DeSantis, the fascist Governor of Florida, has been manning the phones to bring on-board as many donors as possible for his expected run for President in 2024. However, from the looks of it, the Ron DeSantis non-existent donors are supporting his opponents in the race, and not his candidacy.

Does that mean DeSantis is in trouble? Not at all. But it means that Ron DeSantis is not a shoo-in in lieu of Donald Trump or any other, like Senator Rick Scott or Ambassador Nikki Haley, both of whom are also seeking the high office. If DeSantis is unable to raise the funds he needs because of alternative candidates pulling in their weight, to include the all powerful Donald Trump, his bid is almost dead in the water.

Some donors have already voiced publicly their concerns about his candidacy, which is highly unusual.

In finance, the herd mentality reigns supreme.


We are of the belief that Ron DeSantis is as dangerous, if not more dangerous, than Donald Trump. The man is a fascist authoritarian who will not hesitate to burn your house if you oppose his ideology. Banning books is just a teaser for what is yet to come.

It is probable that some donors have been turned off by his war on Disney. Some are uncomfortable with his alt-right ultra extremist positions on everything, from abortion rights to gun control to banning books, which will, by far, be the hottest topics to drive voters in 2024. Donors are questioning his ability to win in a general election, and rightly so.

Most conservative donors want a winner, and not a ram-down-your-throat politician who will falter and fail when the independents, the Millennials, and the Gen. Z cast their votes. DeSantis has yet to show any sign of understanding his underdog status in a general election. He is also ignoring how high a mountain he must climb with one twisted ankle, and one bruised knee, both of his own making.

In the world of finance, capital flees when in doubt. By absconding, it creates a cascading self-fulfilling prophecy, the like of which will exponentially get worse. All it takes is for a few powerful donors to go public, and many would follow. In finance, the herd mentality reigns supreme.

Ron DeSantis looks like a horse who missed the bell at the starting gate. Can he catch up? Or, will his own self-hype turn into a legendary failure?


There is no candidate, or elected official, across the American political landscape that does not have skeletons in their closets. It varies as to their seriousness; however, most candidates cannot pass a lie detector test if asked about all the wrongs they spin to avoid responsibility and accountability.

Under this logic, it is almost a certainty that Ron DeSantis has his own skeletons as well. Our guess is that Donald Trump will spring that dirt publicly at an opportune time, much closer to the GOP convention. Will that dirt has anything to do with DeSantis’ time during his tenure at Guantánamo? Or, will it be much more personal? Enough to jolt the fragile personality of DeSantis? We will have to wait and see if this might happen.

Some billionaires entering the donor arena may already know about that dirt, which might explain their reluctance. It would not surprise us at all if Trump is sending that information to every donor DeSantis contacts to foster doubts and block his most threatening challenger from ever gaining any traction. It’s just politics, down and dirty.

Between his very own actions and policy pronouncements to give the public a view of how his presidency might look like, and Trump assailing DeSantis openly and possibly secretly, Ron DeSantis looks like a horse who missed the bell at the starting gate. Can he catch up? Or, will his own self-hype turn into a legendary failure?

The like we witnessed in the candidacy of Michael Dukakis that the Republicans assailed on crime, which what 2024 is going to look like as the Democrats assail trump and DeSantis on abortion.

The Ron DeSantis Non-Existent Donors

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