To Greene and Boebert We Are All American Natives

To Greene and Boebert We Are All American Natives
The Trail of Tears as painted by Robert Lindneux in 1942. More than 60,000 Native Americans were forced to leave their ancestral lands and travel to reservations thousands of miles away.

For those who have not figured out why the outbursts of symbolism of violence we all see demonstrated on Christmas cards by Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert, let me put it clearly to you. To Greene and Boebert we are all American Natives to be placed in virtual concentration camps fenced by voting rights abuses and limitations. Just as their ancestors decimated, through extreme violence, the original land owners of the Americas. The extreme wing of the Republican Party is letting us know through their messages and speeches that they have plans for the rest of us.

These plans are beginning to take shape when you connect the smaller dots our society is experiencing today. Be it the Kyle Rittenhouse vigilante system they are deploying, or the Charlottesville Neo-Nazi demonstration of hate and violence. Be it the insurrection of January 6, which has captivated our attention, or the systemic killing of African-Americans by their planted white supremacist agents in Police Departments across the nation.

Get ready. The White Supremacists are manifesting themselves everywhere in plain sight. If you were black, Asian, Catholic, Jewish, or Muslim, the final solution is to virtually round us all like cattle in their virtual concentration camps and stripping us all of our rights under the law.

For them, it’s white or no country to call home.


What do you think Lauren Boebert wants to achieve when she brands one of her colleagues in Congress a Muslim terrorist? Boebert hopes someone takes the law in their own hands, like Rittenhouse did, and starts killing Muslims in the U.S.

The same goes for the violent behavior of Rep. Paul Gosar against Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, which aims at manifesting violence against progressive Catholics.

I call it trickle down politics. Embrace a position of violence in the hope it trickles down. The guns Boebert displayed on her Christmas card is nothing but a dog whistle for others to take the law in their own hands. You see, if they cannot storm Congress and take over the country, they are going to slowly spread violence on the streets in the hope of sparking what may necessitate imposing Martial Law. This will be the inaugural first step to open their virtual concentration camps.

These concentration camps have already began to germinate when one analyzes the voting rights suppression the African-American communities are experiencing in mostly southern States. Old white Anglo-Saxon Protestant men, like Governors Babbitt of Texas and Kemp of Georgia, have already drawn their guns. Their States, and many others, are breaking every law on the book to limit the votes of the African-American communities.

For them, it’s white or no country to call home. In fact, I say that to them diversity is just a confabulation to make the uncomfortable a bit more comfortable. They will never mean it. It’s all about a singular source of white power with the rest serving it.

Hey Greene and Boebert, you miscreant nincompoops, where did the love of Jesus go?


How many times, during the era of mostly Republican Presidents and FOX News pundits, you heard the words “American Exceptionalism”, or “The American Dream”, or of late “Freedom from Vaccinations”. With the exception of the last one, which remains in vogue, the others are slowly disappearing from their vocabulary. Why? Because the spin no longer works on people.

What is so exceptional about a civilized country that does not guarantee its citizens free medical benefits? Or free higher school education? Just like Canada, Germany, Sweden, and Finland do.

I could list a thousand examples that way.

Why am I mentioning this? Because the extreme right is slowly losing the impact of its spin. Today, its spokesmen — Greene and Boebert — stand stark naked in front of us spewing their hate and violence; mostly aimed directly at everyone who does not look or behave like them.

So much for the Evangelical and Born Again Christians love for Jesus who, given his land of origin, was probably a dark brown or black man with much love in his heart for everyone.

Hey Greene and Boebert, you miscreant nincompoops, where did the love of Jesus go?

To Greene and Boebert We Are All American Natives

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