To Save the Middle East From Zionism

To Save the Middle East From Zionism
To Save the Middle East From Zionism

To save the Middle East from Zionism, neighboring countries must find a way to neutralize Israeli air supremacy, which has destroyed the lives of 2.3 million Gaza inhabitants. The Gaza genocide showed Israel’s Air Force capabilities at causing great damage to people and cities if that factor remains elusive to neutralize. As the world has witnessed the last five months, Israel will not hesitate to kill civilians and to destroy the lives and cultures of other people without any remorse or empathy.

Arabs and Muslims lack the technological knowhow to defend themselves from the Israeli terror. Neighboring countries to Israel must rely on Russia and China to help them close the gap and create a balance of power in the region.

Judging from Russian interests, and China flexing its big muscles, it is not only possible, but probable that the next war with Israel might use new Russian or Chinese technologies to stop, or limit, Israel’s capacity at destroying other countries.

Gaza was one off, and some powerful countries around the world do not want Israel to repeat it. Mostly, out of fear, it will run amok.

The only way to stop more wars in the future as Zionism expands by killing and destroying is to neutralize Israeli air supremacy.


Israel held new elections and the results seem to usher more far right, and more violent Zionists into the mainstream. It may be a knee-jerk reaction because of October 7, but neighboring countries should regard this as a sign that Netanyahu and his Nazi cohorts are going to start another war very soon. Probably against Lebanon.

And as they destroyed Gaza, those maniacs will also destroy Lebanon. With help from the likes of Joe Biden, or whoever comes after him. It is imperative, for world peace, that Russia and China help the Arab countries remove the Israeli air threat for good.

We have seen video after video that highlighted the ultimate goals of those in power in Israel today. They believe their borders extend from the Euphrates to the Nile, which means wars against Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Egypt. Such is not possible if they do not throw Iran in the midst as well.

Israel of today could not care less about the peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan. Those were always intended to neutralize Arabs as Israel divides and conquers.

This video is essential evidence of Zionism long-term plans.


The only way to stop more wars in the future as Zionism expands by killing and destroying is to neutralize Israeli air supremacy. If the Euphrates to the river is their long-term aim, one should expect at least 20 future wars for the Zionists to achieve their goal.

The thieves are telling you today they are going to steal.

Russia developed its S-500 missile systems to be able to down an F-35 jet fighter.


Zionists claim that God gave them Palestine to justify stealing what is not theirs. But whose God is it? It is certainly not the Palestinian God. Under that pretext and logic, Israel is going to cost the United States much death and treasure. As Zionism expands into the territories of other sovereign nations.

So far, though, it seems the United States is on-board. Slowly and surely. The likes of Joe Biden do not seem to care but about their own future. Regardless how much Israel harms US interests.

So, until Russian and Chinese technologies are able to demonstrate they could shoot down an F-35, the world is at the mercy of extremist zealots and terrorists who will stop at nothing to impose their terrorist ideology on the rest of the world.

Russia developed its S-500 missile systems to be able, so it says, to down an F-35 jet fighter. There is no reason why some of the BRICS+ gulf countries cannot invest in the S-500 to accelerate its development and deployment. Israel is coming for any country that stands in its way. This includes going after the oil of the gulf countries. As it expands into Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Iraq, not in the too far distant future.

The S-500 missiles has a range of 482km. The radius it can cover, if Israeli jets fly deep into Syria, could be as far as the map above shows. If Damascus is the epicenter of that radius.

The Middle East must find a way to negate Israel’s supremacy of the skies. Otherwise, we should expect more destruction and mayhem for generations to come.

To Save the Middle East From Zionism

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