Trump Judicial Patronage Has Harmed Our Courts

Trump Judicial Patronage has Harmed Our Courts
Some of Trump’s appointed judges are fruitcakes. Meet Aileen Cannon.

The wiser a U.S. President is, the better their appointments of highly qualified judges to the federal court system. Inversely, the more infantile he is, the lesser quality of judges he tends to select. In the case of Donald Trump, all his appointments had to meet one criterion only, which centered around their loyalty to the Fuhrer. Trump could care less about their judicial experience or human character. All he cared about is to answer this question: “Will you help me personally if I ever needed you“. This Trump judicial patronage has harmed our federal courts as we all witnessed how Judge Aileen Cannon’s loyalty to Donald Trump took precedent over a sound judicial ruling.

Cannon even ordered the government to stop reviewing the documents Trump stole in order to assess the damage Trump may have caused to our national security in case of a leak. This decision is pure loyalty to Donald Trump. Bad, bad call by Cannon.


The inferior quality of some of the judges Trump appointed during his tenure speaks volumes about him as a person. This contamination of our court system will take a generation or two to correct, but meanwhile the Courts of Appeals, and even the Supreme Court, might have to overextend their resources thin to adjust to this new reality.

Incidentally, in the case of the Department of Justice appeal with regard to Cannon’s appointment of a “Special Master”, the three judges selected to hear the case in that federal court apparently have all been appointed by Donald Trump as well. Whether this might delay prosecuting the Fuhrer because the DOJ may have to go all the way to the Supreme Court remains a possibility.

Trump appointed a total of 54 judges to the Courts of Appeals of whom six have been appointed to the Eleventh Circuit. As opposed to Joe Biden’s appointing 20 judges since he took office.

What will happen if the Court of Appeals whose three judges Trump appointed if they side with Cannon’s decision?


Trump is the kind of man who thinks only of himself, and never his voters, his loyal followers, or even his acolytes empowering his lies and destructive demeanor. The whole earth spins for Trump in his uniquely sick mind, which might explain our skepticism over his selection of some good, or even great, judges. Such validated our distrust after the ruling of Aileen Cannon. .

So far, some of the judges the Fuhrer appointed have followed the rule of law instead of his cult figure. They ignored the loyalty and the fealty decree Trump usually issues before any appointment. In fact, there are many cases of judges refusing to give in to Trump’s lie about a stolen election. At Punditry, we say bravo for their loyalty to the rule of law.

What will happen if the Court of Appeals whose three judges Trump appointed if they side with Cannon’s decision? The likely scenario is the Department of Justice might have to appeal again. All the way to the Supreme Court.

Could that become the tactic by which all the Trump’s appointed judges delay his prosecution? They help their benefactor by delaying his future indictment in order to run the clock on him? Remember that the DOJ has until January 20, 2025 to prosecute Donald Trump. That’s a little over two years from now, which, in the life of appeals, is a very short span to conclude the DOJ’s business of protecting our democracy from the Fuhrer coming back.

Just as Hitler did to destroy Europe.

Trump Judicial Patronage has Harmed Our Courts

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