Trump Wanted to Shoot the Peaceful Protesters

Trump Wanted to Shoot the Peaceful Protesters
Trump Wanted to Shoot the Peaceful Protesters

Every time the American public thinks the Trump presidency has hit the darkest of bottoms, the Fuhrer’s past springs on us new lows to make us ponder how did we get there. The newest comes in the form of a wish Donald Trump wanted to execute. In 2020, during protests outside the White House by Black Lives Matter, Trump wanted to shoot the peaceful protesters. This truth comes directly from his own former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper who is writing a book detailing the circumstances.

Whomever voted for Donald Trump should seriously consider taking a gun to their heads. They all voted for a man willing to kill innocent Americans for protesting. They do that in North Korea and Iran, too.

The GOP puts in the White House an unhinged and deranged White Supremacist with an immense appetite for violence. If it was not for our strong institutions, many young people would have died by orders of the moronic Donald Trump.

Trump, not realizing his brush with violence against peaceful protesters would one day become public information, is by far the dumbest U.S. President ever. Bar none.

Many historians, after reviewing fully his presidency, once every bit of truth of his illegal behavior comes out, will have to agree with this notion. No U.S. President could be that stupid to openly order the Pentagon to open fire on protesters, but Trump was.

Did he really think Esper might not one day divulge to the world his request to shoot peaceful protesters? The dumbest. By a mile and then some.

Or, maybe he did not care, which makes Fuhrer Trump the most dangerous man alive.

As long as Donald Trump is alive, he remains the biggest threat to this country.


Has your conscious really absorbed the fact that Donald Trump was about to shoot innocent Americans in the street? Now, just for a moment, think about Trump becoming a U.S. President again.

What do you think such a man is also capable of? What do you think he would do if he occupies the White House for another 4 years? You would not be wrong if you believed he would line his enemies against a wall. Blindfolded.

The man exhibits all the tendencies of a Joseph Stalin willing to kill his own people just because they protested his rule.

As long as Donald Trump is alive, he remains the biggest threat to this country. And if given the chance — hear that Merrick Garland — he would not hesitate to try again and throw the U.S. Government and install himself as President for life. Just like any banana republic we mock openly.

It goes to show you how dumb and racists are the average American voters. They would rather be ruled by a violent dictator than co-exist with any non-whites.

Did Ohioans not just select another Trump White Supremacist to run for a Senator in November? Don’t let anyone tell you the United States is not a racist country when its most racist former President, after breaking so many laws, remains a free man to do more harm.

White Supremacy is a disease and Donald Trump is its main carrier.

Trump Wanted to Shoot the Peaceful Protesters

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