Two Presidents With Two Opposing Personalities

Two Presidents With Two Opposing Personalities

The contrast between President Donald Trump and President-elect Joe Biden is extraordinary. Here we have two Presidents with two opposing personalities in full display for the world to witness. While Trump dislodged America from its center of gravity, Biden seems poised to settle the country back into normalcy.

I could write ad nauseum about both Presidents and what they stand for. But why do the writing when they can do the talking themselves?


With Joe Biden, empathy is back in style. Gone are the remarks of hate and self-aggrandizement. Instead, we have a humble President-elect who will pay attention to every American regardless of race, color, religion, or even political affiliation.

Below is a video of President-elect Joe Biden before departing Delaware on January 19 to head to Washington DC for the Inauguration. Just listen to him carefully:


Folks, these are two Presidents with two opposing personalities.


Compare the eloquence and kindness of Joe Biden to the savagery and barbarism of Donald Trump in the video below. Or rather, compare Biden to the clown who occupied the White House the last four years.

Good riddance Donald Trump. Millions of Americans regret to have met you during their lifetime. Including this author who never thought it possible for such hate and bigotry to exist in one person.

Two Presidents With Two Opposing Personalities

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