Voters Will Be Watching Biden Like Hawks

Voters Will Be Watching Biden Like Hawks
Voters Will Be Watching Biden Like Hawks

Apparently, after the telephone call between Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu, the White House reported that, as the excellent reporting of Haaretz has indicated, the Israeli government is going to dispatch a delegation to explain Netanyahu’s Rafah plans. If true, it behooves this administration to know that the American voters will be watching Biden like hawks if the Rafah plans go sideways.

There is no room for errors. Even if Netanyahu is the culprit, voters will be holding Biden accountable for Netanyahu’s terror. You can bet the house on that.

Furthermore, it behooves the American voters never to trust Joe Biden on anything that has to do with Israel. He is like Mercury in a laboratory. Slippery and lethal.

In fact, one cannot imagine a plan to hunt for the Hamas fighters surgically among 1.5 million civilians without causing tens of thousands of more civilian deaths. Unless, of course, Netanyahu’s plan includes force migration of women and children out of Gaza, while he hunts for all the remaining men like fish in a barrel.

Egypt better prepare to lock in its borders with Rafah.

He [Netanyahu] is a real animal parading as a human being


As we said it before so many times, never trust Joe Biden. He is a bigger liar than Donald Trump could ever become. This means the whole Rafah plans might just be another disinformation campaign to appease while Israel massacres women and children at will.

Even if Biden greenlights a plan for Rafah that may save civilian lives without Netanyahu’s ethnic cleansing tendencies, no one should trust that genocidal maniac Benjamin Netanyahu. He is a real animal parading as a human being. We believe his children should submit to some genetic therapy to clean out the evil genes in their father’s DNA. Otherwise, Israel would most likely commit more genocides by 2050 when his children are in charge.

If anyone expects Hamas or any other Palestinian fighters who will replace it, to submit to Israeli genocide and apartheid, these Zionists better think again. There is a reason Palestinians have been fighting for 75 years to regain the lands the Zionists stole.

Not Gaza, nor even an Israeli Holocaust, are going to stop them. Freedom is not free.

Hey, Joe. We are watching you like hawks. Don’t you dare approve any plans that would cause more death of women and children. We have an assisted home for you in Delaware to move into if you do.

Voters Will Be Watching Biden Like Hawks

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