What Kevin McCarthy Should Really Do

What Kevin McCarthy Should Really Do
What Kevin McCarthy Should Really Do

The McCarthy saga playing in Congress today is the result of Donald Trump breaking the GOP apart. As the renegade 20 Representatives refuse to support the hapless McCarthy, there is a story emerging, which might put an end to the Trump era for good. What Kevin McCarthy should really do is strike an agreement with the Democrats for Speaker of the House in return for concessions on committee assignments. Such a move would send a loud signal to all the MAGA miscreants that they stand alone against the backdrop of coalition governments forming and legislating despite their destructive ways.

Such would also send a positive signal to millions of voters that, in the era of Trump, the “winner take all” is impossible as a rational solution to defeat Trumpism. Coexisting through governance might yet help this country break away from the insurrectionist mindset we saw almost destroy us on January 6, 2021.

How would Congress look like if both parties shared power is anyone’s guess.


In Israel’s multi-party parliamentary system, it is extremely difficult for a single party to command a majority of parliament seats. To break such a deadlock, leaders of each party negotiates the votes of their seats in return for concessions by the designated Prime Minister.

It seems that the polarizing aspects of our politics is driving us towards such a solution here in America. And why not if we can sideline Trump and his hacks along the way.

How would Congress look like if both parties shared power is anyone’s guess. Will the country become more polarized, or will our politicians learn fast to work together in a partisan way to break deadlocks and legislate efficiently? That is a question we can only answer if McCarthy takes the plunge by seeking the help of the Democrats to earn the gavel.

This is what Kevin McCarthy should really do.

It’s almost certain that such a scenario would surely put an end to our Representatives challenging logic and rational to promote the cult of one man. It would surely send Trump off into the sunset as his influence wanes and his clout dissipates. McCarthy cannot possibly miss this chance as it would free the country from Donald Trump for the rest of his miserable life.

Mr. McCarthy, it’s time to step up to lead a broken GOP in need of much guidance. Trump is the problem, not the solution.

Let us hope a coalition Congress forms quickly.


What is happening in Congress should be a lesson to all the Senators as well. Theirs is a chance to break away from Trump with Mitch McConnell happily guiding them out of his toxic maze. The message, going forward, should be to capitulate no more to Trump otherwise our fate is no less dramatic than what is going on in Congress today. Even if the balance of power is in the hands of the Democrats.

Trump has a way to poison the well like no other personality in American politics. He will always find a way to break things, or break people and institutions for his own self-interests. What better way then than Kevin McCarthy reaching across the isle for votes in return for committee assignments? Weigh that against the concessions the Trump renegades are demanding of him today.

How will the GOP establishment respond to McCarthy reaching across the isle? It depends on the consensus he can build with the Party leadership starting with a meeting with McConnell. One cannot discount the idea that McCarthy and McConnell had dinner last night. Both men, suddenly, find themselves on the same side fighting the same monster.

Let us hope a coalition Congress forms quickly. Let us hope that if McCarthy reaches to the Democrats, we can put an end to Trumpism rather fast. And most importantly, let us hope Trump gets the message and walks off into the sunset.

Are we the ever optimistic group of people? Yes, we are. Because we can never lose faith in the decline of evil to give rise to something great.

What Kevin McCarthy Should Really Do

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