When India Builds For Future Generations

When India Builds For Future Generations
When India Builds For Future Generations

It was not difficult to miss the judicious news about the India’s space mission to study the sun, which happened just in time for the breaking news that Russia has built a new Satan II nuclear missile. One whose sole aim is to threaten other countries with. Based on these two observations, it is also not hard to determine the stark difference between the two nations. When India builds for future generations, Russia is building to destroy its own generations. No intelligent person would miss this flagrant contrast both countries are showing the world on the exact same day.

One can observe that contrast in North Korea as well. A country whose economy depends on extorting rich nations. Just like the failed state of Syria depends on the same tactic of extorting rich Arab countries.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau once wrote that “Civilization is a hopeless race to discover remedies for the evils it produces”. India launching a space mission, as opposed to Russia launching a nuclear missile, is a remedy to kill the evil the world is living with an aggressive Russia today.

All Russia’s Satan II missile might teach humanity is how to threaten people or kill them in vain.


The non-nuclear nation of India is one of peace and prosperity; even against its nemesis Pakistan, which boasts a nuclear arsenal. For such a populous country geographically sitting between East and West to find purpose in advancing its civilization against the odds of political friction and disputes is truly remarkable. It has no need for nuclear weapons because its intent has always been peaceful.

Not so with Russia, a country born to dictate to its neighbors inharmonious policies of control. If it was not during the preponderant era of Stalin after WWII, some 70 years later, we come to witness the flaming and violent era of Putin. Both demanding obedience and submissiveness of their neighbors. This is why India is teaching its future generations to find peace in knowledge, while Russia sends the signal to theirs by finding death in violence. Two civilizations, one of which found peaceful coexistence, while the other still waves the sword of brutality and destructiveness.

The contrast between India and Russia is a lesson for all countries to find inspiration from within. Or, as in the case of Russia, to find aspirations of grandeur in death and destruction. Before rushing to support Vladimir Putin’s violence, a true leader must think beyond the safety of their people. They must think in terms of the purpose of the conduct of any human civilization.

Because of past chronicles of Russia conquering other countries, there is very little any future generations can attribute to Russian long episodes of wars and violence other than writing history in the blood of their own people.

India’s peaceful postures, on the other hand, might teach humanity about the mystery of our sun. All Russia’s Satan II missile might teach humanity is how to threaten people or kill them in vain.

When India Builds For Future Generations

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