When Will Ron DeSantis Drop Out?

When Will Ron DeSantis Drop Out
When Will Ron DeSantis Drop Out

Over the course of the last two months, Americans following the crowded GOP field began grasping how defunct the Ron DeSantis campaign has become. We have no clue who advised the Governor of Florida to wear on his sleeve a combative attitude that turned many people off, but whomever it was needs a lesson in consensus-building politics. At this point in time, questions swirling around when will Ron DeSantis drop out are becoming more common and more in tune with the will of the voters.

For DeSantis to adopt a strategy based on fighting institutions, cultures, and even people in order to prove a phantom leadership strength had no precedent in politics. Normally, politicians aiming for the highest office try to be as inclusive as they can while balancing their “how-to-please-everyone” on a high wire. It’s, by far, one of the most difficult mission a candidate for President must embark upon, and the most important to achieve their goals.

DeSantis only showed us how scary and hateful he could be.


In DeSantis case, he chose to open many battlefronts from the start to mirror the anger that the Trump supporters have embraced, in the hope he can peel them off from their leader. His eyes were on Trump, instead of the country. We believe he caused his own demise by losing sight of the never Trumpist voters and the independents, which both Nikki Haley and Chris Christie are courting with great success.

Americans want a presidential candidate to show strength after they show wisdom, to show resolve after they show kindness, to show firmness after they show fortitude. DeSantis only showed us how scary and hateful he could be.

Not only the Trump loyalists were never willing to turn their back on their doyen, but they did not appreciate DeSantis disloyalty. After all, if it was not for Donald, Ron may not have won the Governorship again in 2022. Trump made DeSantis, and it showed in the latest polls that the Governor could have never ascended on his own, let alone go against his popular mentor.

Never in modern history have we watched a presidential candidate divide Americans the way DeSantis had.


It’s too early to say “good riddance” to Ron DeSantis, but we cannot wait to say it officially once he drops out. Mostly, for lack of money and interest in his campaign of terror.

But those who will be the happiest to see him just write his own ticket into the hall of famous losers would be the ones he waged wars on directly. The LGBTQ community, the black people, and Bob Iger of Disney who dared to think independently. It is more than likely, he would also lose re-election as Governor in 2026. This means he might join the speaker circuit, at $500 a pop, to rally the neo-Nazis, the white nationalists, and the QAnon crazies who still believe the earth is flat. We can’t wait to see him on that stage.

Never in modern history have we watched a presidential candidate divide Americans the way DeSantis had. Not even Donald Trump, who had the good sense of courting people to enlarge his tent. The Florida Governor’s whole campaign was a series of culture wars on voters whose votes were essential in the general election, as witnessed by the loss of Trump in 2020. A more popular figure than DeSantis could ever dream of becoming.

All DeSantis was doing had one purpose in mind: How to twist arms, and bend people to his will of hatred and racism. In return, the voters are showing him the exit door.

Or, at least, pretty soon they will.

Meanwhile, the campaign is quiet, and so are Ron and Casey. Are they mulling another reset? The 9th if we have to guess.

When Will Ron DeSantis Drop Out?

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