Who Cares What Tulsi Gabbard Thinks?

Who Cares What Tulsi Gabbard Thinks?
Who Cares What Tulsi Gabbard Thinks? (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Tulsi Gabbard, the democratic has-been Congresswoman from Hawaii, is making news lately because she decided to leave the Democratic Party and try her luck at merging her bad foreign policy with domestic Trumpism representing the far-right ego-maniacal self-centrism. Why the media attention for someone who has almost no influence on the national stage of politics? It beats us. Who cares what Tulsi Gabbard thinks? She is a nobody, a nothing. Just like a squirted lemon ready for trash. Seriously, Gabbard reminds us of an expired vegetable rotting in the produce section of your grocer.

In fact, the less ink and pixels, the better the country. Especially, as her support for Putinism becomes a problem for those of us who want to see Ukraine win its war against the terror of Vladimir Putin. If you care what Rudi Giuliani or Roger Stone think, you would be right at home caring for what Gabbard thinks. A nauseating thought indeed.

Tulsi Anything-For-A-Buck Gabbard may yet strike again.


Gabbard is a media hog. Just like the American Fuhrer of our times, she cannot have enough attention from really non-existing followers. Her Hawaiian past voters have long abandoned her the moment she started praising violent dictators like Putin. It happened after that mass murderer massacred 250,000 civilians in Syria.

Furthermore, who was her biggest donor in 2021? A Putin apologist named Sharon Tennison. That hapless soul blamed NATO for the Ukraine war.

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it’s a duck, folks. Right? Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian duck parading as a patriotic American. Should that not concern our own government?

Honestly, who cares what Tulsi Gabbard thinks? She is truly a nobody. Let her rot melt her away. Meanwhile, these are the last pixels we will devote to her miserable existence.

But before we let you go, it is important to note that Tulsi Gabbard has met with the Syrian butcher Bashar al-Assad in Damascus and defended his own mass murderers by denying he used chemical weapons on sleeping women and children.

That’s what we call the straw that broke the camel’s back. No one in their own right mind would defend mas murderers unless they expect to financially benefit from their deeds. Which brings us to her abandoning the Democratic Party because the money stream is all dried up.

Now, she is trying her luck with the Republicans and fools are those who will open their wallets to her. The next you know, she is defending OPEC for cutting their oil supplies.

Tulsi Anything-For-A-Buck Gabbard may yet strike again.

Who Cares What Tulsi Gabbard Thinks?

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