Why Only in America Do We Have a Vaccine Problem?

Why Only in America Do We Have a Vaccine Problem

The boiling-over of anger that we are witnessing everyday, whether in mass shootings, or people revolting against any vaccine or mask mandates, is the result of COVID-19 having wreaked havoc on our communities and businesses. But it is also the result of so many Americans who have been feeling abandoned by their politicians to fend for themselves. It is simply scary how many Americans do not trust their own government, and this may explain why only in America do we have a vaccine problem. Is it because our capitalist system has, since Ronald Reagan, advanced the interests of corporate America well ahead of the people’s interests to the point where our trust has simply dissipated?

Over the last 40 years or so, America has become a lawless capitalist country where the middle class has become tools of the trade to score revenues and book more profits. Why is it that the citizens of Canada, Germany, France, and so many other European democracies trust their government far more than we do in this country? Why is the democratic experiment in these countries, which has achieved a balance between the interests of their people and profits, is not struggling to convince its population to wear masks and to get vaccinated?

Have you asked yourself this important question? Why only in America?

It is a question Republicans and some Democrats, like Joe Manchin, do not want you to ask.

We are a democracy by name only.


When a company can buy any politician openly and legally, the process creates a fake democracy. Yes, we the people vote, but no, we the people do not have a say in the laws Congress passes. Only the big shots control the outcome. The billionaires and corporate America own Congress and its legislative agenda, and they have manipulated both to the point that the American citizen, struggling to maintain the same quality of life their parents maintained, are now revolting openly. In the form of telling the government to shove its vaccines and masks.

Grant you, many of the unvaccinated are not the brightest people. However, that did not happen 30 years ago when their parents enjoyed a reasonably secure middle class status. Today, two-thirds of consumer bankruptcies are related directly to healthcare costs. Where is the government to protect its people from the predatory practices of extreme capitalism? Nowhere to be found. Why? Because corporate America buys every politician on the bloc and sets out to use them to maximize their profits.

Did you know it is illegal for the U.S. Government to negotiate better medication prices under its Medicare program? Yes, illegal. Folks, this happened because Pharma bought the politicians and forced them to pass the Medicare Modernization Act in 2003. No where else on this planet a government plays second fiddle to lawless corporate interests.

We are a democracy by name only.

Congress doubled down on passing all the laws the very rich needed to raid the pockets of the middle class.


Prior to Ronald Reagan, families enjoyed a discretionary income that permitted them to save, invest, or spend their money on leisure. But ever since dark money has made its way into our politics and the Reagan era of unleashing lawless capitalism on the masses, the picture has changed dramatically.

In 2006, Harvard Magazine published an article warning of the demise of the middle class. You would think that our politicians saw the warning signs as a good reason to change course but far from it. Congress doubled down on passing all the laws the very rich needed to raid the pockets of the middle class.

If Bezos, Koch and so many other billionaires loved this country, they would reign in their greed.


The article in the Harvard Magazine provides an insight with this paragraph:

Middle-class families have been threatened on every front. Rocked by rising prices for essentials as men’s wages remained flat, both Dad and Mom have entered the workforce—a strategy that has left them working harder just to try to break even. Even with two paychecks, family finances are stretched so tightly that a very small misstep can leave them in crisis. As tough as life has become for married couples, single-parent families face even more financial obstacles in trying to carve out middle-class lives on a single paycheck. And at the same time that families are facing higher costs and increased risks, the old financial rules of credit have been rewritten by powerful corporate interests that see middle-class families as the spoils of political influence.Harvard Magazine by Elizabeth Warren - Jan. Feb. 2006

From college education to healthcare, the political elites in America have abandoned their responsibilities. They all obsess over pursuing their own power at the expense of the middle class.

Meanwhile, billionaire Charles Koch is trying to kill The For the People Act, which reforms partially our system and permit us to call the United States a democracy. And the greedy Jeff Bezos just asked Congress to fund his space program to the tune of $10B.

Where will that deficit in taxes come from? Yes, the middle class.

Maybe $60 billions do not buy Charles Koch enough. Or, maybe Koch found a way to take his billions with him in the after life. The good news, though, is that at the age of 86, The For the People Act would survive him. Let’s hope his heirs see the middle class differently.

If Bezos, Koch and so many other billionaires loved this country, they would rein in their greed.

Why Only in America Do We Have a Vaccine Problem?

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