300 Million Dollars a Day? How Much for 170,000 Troops Stationed Abroad

300 Million Dollars a Day. How Much for 170,000 Troops Stationed Abroad

If the war in Afghanistan cost us 300 million dollars a day, the question of how much 170,000 stationed overseas is costing America begs for an answer. Maybe if we found out, there would be a taxpayers revolt. Maybe we should bring our troops home from all four corners of the world and start our own nation-building. Did we not learn the hard way, on January 6, what might happen to us if we neglect our own for so long?

America needs to build America first because our country is falling apart at the seams. So much money for fighting wars and protecting other nations, yet so little to pay for our own destitute and the poverty-stricken.

How did the American experiment gone so awry so fast?


At the turn of the 20th century, access to oil in the middle east was a strategic necessity. Such has diminished in value in the 21th century. China controls major manufacturing, shale oil exploration in this country makes us an exporter, and with so many countries producing and so many oil and gas pipelines circling the earth, anyone who wants oil can get their hands on it. Today, policing this global industry to use as a strategic weapon is as valuable as building a Ford model T cars again.

Let us bring our troops from Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Both countries are rich enough to fend for themselves, and if they can’t, that’s not our problem. Is it? Let us bring our troops from Syria as well. Enough risking the lives of our sons and daughters to protect people who would turn on us in a blink of an eye.

Furthermore, let us bring our troops from Japan and Germany.

If anyone out there thinks either country is on the brink of a pre-WWII behavior, they should have their heads examined. Both Japan and Germany have long ago joined the club of global civility. Both have invested too much in their economic futures to risk the rise of another Tojo or a Hitler; even with Trump rising here at home.

Let us cut our defense budget to meet the domestic needs of our own. If we cut it by $200 billions a year, it would pay off the student loans of every student in 10 years or less.

Is protecting the Saudis and the Qataris more important than our own children?

300 Million Dollars a Day? How Much for 170,000 Troops Stationed Abroad

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